Is Tula Ammo Banned from import to USA?

Tula Ammo Ban

Is Tula Ammo Banned from import to USA?

This is hop topic lately since on December 4th, 2017 the Secretary of State issued “guidance” to specify the following as persons that are part of, or operate for or on behalf of, the defense and intelligence sectors of the Government of the Russian Federation (long list to follows this, but ROSTEC is on it): Rostec (Russian Technologies State Corporation).
Now, why ROSTEC is important?
Because Rostec owes 100% shares of the JSC NPO Vysokotochnye kompleksy.
Why we should care about JSC NPO Vysokotochnye kompleksy?
Because THAT COMPANY COMPRISES of…Tula Ordnance Plant JSC, Tula Region…
Now, can someone with deep legal knowledge please comment on this?
Is ATF revoking Form 6 on Tula ammo imports?
Loss of Russian imported ammo would be devastating to the hobby across the board – everyone would suffer, Russians sell tons of ammo in 223, 9mm and so on…every gun lover in USA would suffer from it.
However, it would be catastrophic blow to those Russian companies as well.
US market sales are huge part of their business plan…so, I think they would get “creative” if only single factories would be put on sanctions list…let’s say Tula is on sanctions list, then you would see maybe Wolf selling re-branded Tula ammo and so on…

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  1. Anthony Avatar

    Rob; I don’t profess to know everything, however I have been practicing law for 28 years. In my experience, if TULA is a subsidiary of ROSTEC, and ROSTEC is banned, then TULA being banned from importation would be the logical consequence. I have not seen the “memo” that you spoke of today on Youtube, if you have a link, or a copy, I will read it and update my opinion, if warranted. Also, beware, legal advice is only worth what you pay for it!
    Thanks, Tony

  2. Rev06 Avatar

    Rob can you also post link to state dept order here? It was not showing up on you tube for me.

  3. Ian Avatar

    Hello hope all is well,

    I dont know if this helps but this cat contacted Tula.

    The letter from Tula said.

    Mr. Williams,

    It’s like you said, a rumor. Tulammo is still being imported into the US.


    Adam Whitehead


    All this is in the above link

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, I posted this on Facebook as well. Now sanctions on Rostec will be imposed on 29th…Question is, was Tula really sold in 2017 and Rostec just forgot to update their website?

  4. Hector Avatar

    I use .45 auto TulAmmo FMJ for pistols and 7.62x54R TulAmmo for the Mosin-Nagant. No ejection failures in one box.

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