PSA AK 103 adventure comes to the end. Will PSA listen to the message?
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7 responses to “PSA AK 103 – Over Now!”

  1. Cameron Cowser Avatar
    Cameron Cowser

    So far mine us mostly okay… However I put the alg trigger in it, and I’m getting all sorts of light strikes. I tried the high energy spring, which helped, but didn’t solve the issue. I examined it pretty closely, and I noticed the hammer isn’t hitting the bolt square. With the hammer dropped you can see 20% of thr firing pune in the safety side. I spoke with sig and they are scratching thier heads. Hopefully going back to the stock fcg makes the rifke run again. I did get the zenitco furniture in with done forceful persuasion.

  2. Cameron Cowser Avatar
    Cameron Cowser

    In previous post my phone autocorrected alg to sig. I contacted alg, not sig Sauer.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Klaus, I think we are much better organized (as gun community and fighting for our rights) than we were in 1989. Can it happen? Yes, shit, those people are unpredictable, but I think they will wait for at least until Nov 2022.

  3. Mike Aveey Avatar
    Mike Aveey

    Have a question Robski I recently purchased a kr103 is there a ALG trigger for this? If so what part # is it thanks

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