BFT47 – 500Yds AK? Century Arms Strikes Back!

BFT47 is brand new AK type rifle from the Century Arms…so, what we got here?
If this rifle will survive, I’m going to paint it with the nice (I hope), Vietnam era camo on it, and that rifle will go to one of you guys!
BTW, link to front post adjustment tool is here!
Thank you for watching!

One response to “BFT47 – 500Yds AK? Century Arms Strikes Back!”

  1. Timbro Avatar

    Century definitely not as bad as AK community makes it look like. The only thing you REALLY need to do is change all the furniture and stock since Centurys is abysmal. Looks more like plastic than wood. Other than that, its a decent middle of the pack rifle, definitely decent when you compare it to other AK-47 prices Got myself a CA VSKA not so long ago, slapped nice dark brown furniture and it’s great!

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