.308 AK Power – M77 Affordable import from Zastava!

You want more powerful cartridge on the AK, but you really not into the 7.62x54R?
Zastava USA has something for you! Brand new .308 M77 at rather affordable price!
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2 responses to “.308 AK Power – M77 Affordable import from Zastava!”

  1. Pioghd Avatar

    Rob, when you try to find this video directly on your YT profile by clicking on “videos” it is not showing. Also with that of course is that there was no notification. I checked and my subscribe and notifications are both turned on. I saw this vid listed from my rss feed for this web page.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, i’m sorry, this is ongoing fight against those tech giants…they literally limit distribution, notifications or bluntly remove / delete my videos…there is nothing what I can do man…

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