PU Mosin Sniper 148gr Wolf / Barnaul DOPE Card to 700yds

Unfortunately my original scope gave up on me, but I was lucky enough to get replacement from Raspootyn. 
I re – zeroed my rifle quickly with new scope, I followed exactly my notes from the previous scope and after setting zero in identical place, my DOPE card for 148gr ‘White Box” ammo checkout perfectly. I’m attaching picture of my card with Elevation Turret markings for each distance from 100y to 700y.

Zero marking is first from the top (so it is past 1 in the middle of the distance to 2). Zero was established from 100yds. I reset my turret to basically 1.5 marking to match my notes. 
If you wonder why i used 1.5 marking and not 1 – it is because for my favorite ammo, 174gr SB I’m at 1.

DOPE Card reads as follow (see my picture) – these are setting for Elevation Turret (E in my notes):

300y basically 2.25
400y 3.5
450y 3.8
500y 4.25
550y 4.9
600y 5.25
650y 5.9
700y 6.25

I know there are no “2.25” or “3.5” and etc elevation markings, but this is how i’m seeing it on elevation scale.

Weather Conditions are on the card. I was shooting without a spotter so my wind holdovers were little spotty, but elevation wise, this is spot on.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


“White Box” Barnaul / WOLF

Some “Target Cam” pics: 300yds





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