Sub MOA PSL 54!

Sub MOA PSL54 is reality now. 😯
I don’t certify rifles with 1 MOA “standard” stamp lightly. There is series of requirements rifle must meet to convince me that it actually can hold 1 MOA…yes, I did some modifications to it, all user level tasks – no pixie dust bullshit, which I will explain in one of the PSL54 upcoming videos (probably early February). I strongly believe that all those little mods I did contributed to results I’m getting.
And yes, Rifle is being run with standard, 4×24 PSO1 scope.
This is the Way! 🔥🎤

2 responses to “Sub MOA PSL 54!”

  1. Cole Avatar

    Did you see any stringing as the barrel warmed up? Or has the accuracy been pretty consistent throughout your firing? Do you think a lot of the accuracy issues are due to spam can/machinegun spec ammo vs match grade/sniper spec ammo?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Accuracy has been consistent, I haven’t experience severe stringing. If you will keep shooting at regular pace, it’s not that bad. I think junk ammo is #1 reason why people don’t have good accuracy from those.

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