Don’t Clean AK Much!

Don’t Overclean your AK!
Resist “gun cleaning industrial complex mafia”! Ha!

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2 responses to “Don’t Clean AK Much!”

  1. Lime Avatar

    I clean about every thousand or so I do run an oil patch down the bore just about every time I’m done shooting ….just about lol…..I do agree with getting the corrosive salts out asap …… I grease internals about every 500 to a thousand strip bolt about every thousand or so…… and I have washed with soap and water a few times once in a kiddy pool in the front yard 😆 …… brother has a picture of it somewhere……. I’ve never owned a 5.45 so water has not been a must to many times….always wanted one I bought tula 74u kit years back needed money bad and sold it before i got to build it …..wish I would have sold just about anything other than that now lol …….. I like and enjoy the content you put out very informative…it’s good to see thing from the vantage point on the other side of the fence …… sonny used to put out a lot of Eastern block thinking and concepts it’s a shame what happen ……well thank you for the hard work you put in to your video and content

  2. Eddie hawkey Avatar
    Eddie hawkey

    Hi Rob, Greetings from South Africa, just came across your videos recently and really enjoy your style. Have watched a number of them and added comments to some as well.
    I am Rhodesian born but now South African and went through Military Conscription in the 70’s and ended up going back to Rhodesia during the Bush War. So much of your info is so constructive and relevant. Posted a comment on your Dont clean your AK video so will repeat.
    As you know AK’s in Africa are everywhere in their tens of thousands and are cronically abused but still run perfectly. I work in Central Africa and the guys here clean their AK’s and PKM’s with diesel and lubricate with engine oil. No problems in the least. I even have them coming to the workshop with their rifles and OKMs to have bits repaired and WELDED!!!!!! They still run perfectly.
    Unfortunately i don’t own an AK but but looking at a Norinco which is what we can get here($550).I do have a SKS($400)Ex Zimbabwe Military import. Really nice rifle. Keep well and keep us updated, Regards.

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