After long waiting period, TDI Arms finally delivered on their promise and Yugo AK M-Lok rail is here!

You can get Yugo rail now from AKOU store!

2 responses to “Yugo AK Accessories – TDI Rail”

  1. Dallas Avatar

    Hey, I’ve got a C70 AB2 Yugo, I’m looking for a parts kit for a AK-47 for a YUGO. I’ve found a parts kit for Romaining AK, who that parts kit work? This a complete parts kit. Will a Romaining parts kit be OK for a Yugo parts? Love the new Yugo forearm also.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Well, bolt carrier and bolt could bit fitted, by forend is differnt, brackets are different, stock, rear trunnion and etc, all different.

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