“Proven AK” – What is Proven AK? What makes it “Proven”?

What makes AK to be “proven AK”? Rob talks about his perspective on this question. Please post your take on this in comments!
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5 responses to ““Proven AK” – What is Proven AK? What makes it “Proven”?”

  1. Jordan Avatar

    Rob, if you had to choose between only 3 manufacturers / companies that make AK, which 3 give you the best feeling of quality?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      If money isn’t issue, try to get AK from Definitive Arms. If on tight budget – try to find wasr10 at $650. If looking for collectible value – look for Arsenal, Saiga and Vepr. If looking for rifle just under $1k, have a serious look at PSA AKE. I can go forever on different strengths and weaknesses and what is best for me, but, that’s my opinion only…

  2. Tyler Avatar

    As a new AK owner, as of today, actually. I got into AK’s thinking “if its not Russian or Chinese, its cheesy junk” . Sometimes I wonder if proven, in the regard to firearms, if it’s more of “Highly respected” or “Hype” vs “Proven” . But watching you put these American made or Imported AK’s in the videos through the tests of 5000 rds and going through the toughest elements and beatings, I would like to think that the ones survive(d) could be one type of “Proven”. I think as military members, we like to think “proven” as something you can defend/depend your life with/on, knowing it has a very minuscule chance to break, jam, or other issues that can cost lives, and its a great and comfortable feeling.

    In a slight, not proven AK question, where is the best place to get a surplus AK cleaning rod, online? I saw a post or two stating you have to trim the surplus rods to fit the PSA GF3 AK.

    1. Wayne Avatar

      I’ve been building for a few years now,
      And I have to say the Polish parts kits were among the nicest parts out there.
      That I’ve seen anyways.
      I’m a big fan of Definitely Arms and they make some Quality stuff, I’m using their gas block/ front site on one of my new builds and it’s top of the line for sure.Recreator Blanks is also making some of the nicest parts I’ve ever seen.
      It’s a good time for the AK in the US and it’s only going to get better.!

  3. Jordan Svennes Avatar
    Jordan Svennes

    Thank you Rob, as always for your knowledge and experience. I gotta say the whole reason I got into AK’s is after I stumbled on your videos and now I have 2 and can’t stop buying ammo!Yes, definitive arms is my holy grail AK, but I’ve been thinking of a couple of the other ones that you listed. Thanks again and keep spreading the joy of AK shooting!

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