In this episode: Safety Recall for Century’s AKs, DON’T GET SPAMMED! And I’m really worried about something…

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2 responses to “SAFETY RECALL!!! BFT47, DON’T GET SPAMMED and MORE!”

  1. Mike Lumetta Avatar

    Think ghost guns are not a goid thing. More funds need to be spent on mental health.state, local and federal databases need to be tied in together on background checks.

  2. Danny C Avatar

    Guns don’t kill people, only crazy people kill people. Most of these crazies, are not gun owners, they are leftist, just buy guns to commit their horrible crimes. Believe me, the criminals out there are not going to obey any laws. The Democrats just want to disarm law obeying gun owners, because they want to do bad thing to us with their socialist agenda. Armed Criminals will just come in your home, and take all your possessions & murder you, and anyone in their way. Never give up your guns to a Socialist Government (Democrats, and Rinos (Republican In Name Only). Republicans are our only choice, just don’t vote for Rino’s (democrats in sheep’s clothing).

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