Century VSKA AK: 3,500 Rounds Later

Newest video update on Century VSKA! Don’t forget to watch head spacing test at the end…;-)

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2 responses to “Century VSKA AK: 3,500 Rounds Later”

  1. Hector Avatar

    Woo, the sling’s metal bent, extractor spring failed & the wood grip is loose; that’s a fail. … Simplified, it means, it just didn’t make it, to the round count. So, the answer is simple, “no.” I would fail it because it will, with “fixes.” Remember, when grading, it had to be FIXED & there is BENT METAL. As a teacher, I give it an F. A bent sling loop means, out of service for march training alone. They receive an F in SCIENCE, CHEMISTRY & MECHANICAl ENGINEERING, not an A for effort. We use a different pass/fail system & even, using pass or fail, the rifle didn’t make it, without a mechanical fix; so, it still failed anyway, setting the wood & bent loop issue aside. Ultimately, the rifle still failed itself; there’s ‘nothing you or me can do about it. In other words, it’s not going to pass anyway because the rifle & defects have to be scrutinized first, which means, face the facts & carry responsibilities for them. For example, if an entire division of 100 soldiers train, with those rifles & on day 1, practice picking ’em up & they are all bent, bootcamp would be over. Now, you have 100 soldiers, who can’t sling for 200-500 miles on foot because you wanted to pass the VSKA. The objective is to weed out & fail those models, not to make ’em okay. Over here, they have to be able to march from New Hampshire to Alabama & soldiers get grumpy. Can’t wear it.

    1. Zak Avatar

      This isn’t a rifle you would issue to soldiers, it’s a trashy cast clone that was dropped intentionally multiple times. As a teacher, you should know a random drop angle and that thin piece of metal with a sample size of 1 isn’t the main focus here. The question is, is it better than the RAS47, and does it eat itself from being fired. For a 700 dollar American made AK, it does seem better than the RAS47 or IO trash. Nothing matters because the point is moot, buy a WASR.

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