ZPAP92 AK Pistol – Done in 2 Pieces! 5,000 Rounds Later!

ZPAP92 ends its 5000 rounds journey in two pieces!
Still works great tho!
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5 responses to “ZPAP92 AK Pistol – Done in 2 Pieces! 5,000 Rounds Later!”

  1. TJ Avatar

    At 6:55, one of the rivets looks like it is working out.

  2. thisguy Avatar

    Any update on the loose fitting TDI handguard?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      TDI is waiting on dimensions from Zastava to make corrections.

  3. Connor Avatar

    Just bought one of these thanks to your tests and feedback Rob! Very excited to get it, luckily I found one of the new ones with the chrome barrel as well! Thinking itโ€™ll be very slick with a Sb ft1913 triangle brace.

  4. marco bartoletta Avatar
    marco bartoletta

    Good news! Just for my new ZPAP92 and guess what?! Zastava listening again – no paper clip retainer!!! They actually put in a retainer plate! Went to install my ALG trigger (not sure if Iโ€™m going to as the stock one feels excellent), and saw the retainer and no shepherds hook. Points to Zastava again.

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