BAD NEWS! No AK Videos for you!

Things are looking really bad. Buckle up guys!

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5 responses to “BAD NEWS! No AK Videos for you!”

  1. 56type Avatar

    Rob, I hope you plan on uploading all the old AKOUL4774 videos to Rumble as I’d hate to see them lost to the new guys. I still refer ALL new AK shooters to your series on “How to zero AK iron sights”. Tell them to pick whichever version works best for them and take them to gun club to get zeroed. Sorry to hear of latest bullshit Youtube is doing to your videos with retroactive strikes for old content before whole world decided to try to go full retard.

    I just signed up on Rumble and added it to my TV channels too. Entire family enjoys watching your videos on the big screen.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, plan is to bring older videos too

  2. Arnie Chilton Avatar
    Arnie Chilton

    Hey Rob,
    What is your location on Rumble

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