You Spin me Round, Like an AK Baby! – DPMS Black Panther AK takes a beating!

DPMS Black Panther, Anvil AK goes on the hike through the Ozarks with Rob.
What could go wrong?
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2 responses to “You Spin me Round, Like an AK Baby! – DPMS Black Panther AK takes a beating!”

  1. Keith Avatar

    Purchased one of these just as you received yours….I thought it would be a good purchase into AK world. The first 10 shots at 25 yards were all sub-1″ MOA; for which I am very pleased at the purchase…but now that I cleaned the rifle after 100 rounds, the rifle is short stroking with a failure to feed. As your videos showed, the ANVIL shot Brass and Steal cases just fine, but now its acting like a bolt action rifle. I am thinking of sending it back to DPMS for them to repair it. I read a bunch of forums, and have no idea why it is not working. Not the spring, the lug nut, gas port is clean, it doesn’t rip the bottom off the cartridges after firing….the only thing left was maybe the FCG…Any advice?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Keith, short stroking is related to gas flow unless there is some horrible mechanical obstruction. Have you tried to clean gas port – literally push pipe cleaner from the gas port side to the barrel? If this is not the case, then open warranty claim with DPMS.

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