AK is not for you!

AK is not for you! New video is out!
Ps. Happy Easter!

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10 responses to “AK is not for you!”

  1. Milan Ivic Avatar
    Milan Ivic

    Hi Rob,good point.I like and I am dedicated to my AK system rifle Zastava M 2010 in 0.223 Remington.After 800 rounds it works more and more better,next challenge for it will be 2000 rounds.Greetings from Serbia again.

  2. Paul B. Avatar
    Paul B.

    Awesome video..

    Thank you…

    What caught my attention was the section on canted sights.. Not sure of this is the same problem, There are some rifles that need the front post pushed almost to the end of its horizontal travel.. While functional, it can be really aggravating to use.. What is needed is for someone to offer a rear sight that is cut 2-4mm to the left or right to compensate and then the front sight would be much more centered…

    Perhaps something offered from your store (hint-hint)

  3. Lawrence Avatar

    I love my WASR – absolute reliability. But, AK mfgs have to get their “stuff” together, tighten tolerances, and bring down costs for good quality AKs. With PSA’s full mil-spec Freedom ARs passing AKOU 5000 rd test and selling for under $350, it’s hard to justify spending $1000 for a good AK.

  4. Heath Napier Avatar
    Heath Napier

    This is completely off the subject but what is your take on the 6.5 Grendal in the ak platform namely the vepr

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I think it has great potential and i would love to see it more!

      1. Heath Napier Avatar
        Heath Napier

        I bet you could use standard ak mag with a little fine tuning it’s very close in size to the 7.62

  5. Colton Avatar

    Great video. Too many people want every little thing to be plug and play. If it is fit to your rifle, it is fit to YOUR rifle. Me and my SAR-1 are quite happy!

  6. Mike Avatar

    I fixed the canted sight on my wasr by replacing the rear sight with a vepr adjustable rear site. That’s not cheating, is it?

  7. Wes Avatar

    Hey Rob,
    Off the wall question, but have you tested out the SLR106 yet?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      No, not yet man

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