Poor “AK47” Accuracy – It’s Your Fault!

Closer look at why AK47 type has such a bad reputation for accuracy!
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One response to “Poor “AK47” Accuracy – It’s Your Fault!”

  1. Dustin Avatar

    Yes I agree with you 100% Rob. Cause I’ve got friends that are all about ar15 style rifles .223 and .556. I have a RAS47 they talked all kinds of madness how inaccurate and underpowered the 762×39 round is that it’s slow and lazy,can’t hit crap with it, so on and so forth. So when went out to a ol buddy’s place that owns some property and we all shot shotguns ar15 and my Amercan ak47. After they all handled it and shot it they took back there clam that it is under powered,but they still whined that it’s to heavy but I told them it’s my preferred style rifle (cause I’ve shot it thousands of times and well trained with it for the last 14 yrs and I can put all 30 rounds in a 8 inch cycle at 100 yards rapid fire.)

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