Best AK Ammo? Barnaul Ammo Rocks!

Barnaul Ammo has become my Go To Ammo for my AK rifles. Consistency and very good performance at affordable price is just hard to beat!

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One response to “Best AK Ammo? Barnaul Ammo Rocks!”

  1. rm Avatar

    good info.

    ak ammo experience notes:

    the manufactured lacquered and sealed ‘sg’ ammo is the most accurate ak ammo from multiple aks tested. the green box wolf seems comparable.

    lacquer coating for steel case ammo is great compared to non-lacquered case ammo as non-lacquered ammo has more friction within magazines, especially when dusty or freezing temps (same for 556 steel case ammo). do freeze tests with steel case ammo in mags, e.g. load 15 rounds in mag, put in freezer, after complete freeze, remove and press down. some mag / ammo combos will not function correctly, e.g. will get stuck or come up slowly.

    when switching ammo in aks, fire multiple magazines of new ammo to allow rifle-ammo combo to settle in. reassess ammo, adjust sights if necessary.

    have shot tula ammo where some lots would make one think the rifle is broke based on extreme group sizes, e.g. 12 moa.

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