Palmetto State Armory Forged AK GF3: 3,000 Rds Later

PSA GF3 AK is continuing adventures through the 5k rds test. This is 3,000 Rounds later update on it!

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8 responses to “Palmetto State Armory Forged AK GF3: 3,000 Rds Later”

  1. JMM Avatar

    Ive had 2 PSAKs simply have their rear sight pop out the first (gen2) I bent the spring to keep it in the second (gen 3) I bought a surplus leaf spring and rear sight to replace the the PSA one since i didnt notice it popped out till i got home :\

  2. Uziel Avatar

    Looks promising so far. I would like for them to make an ak pistol I could brace. I don’t like how arsenal has theirs set up so Draco is the only option. If they get this right, they can do amazing things

  3. Matt Moore Avatar
    Matt Moore

    Rob: Assuming this does pass the test, would you recommend the PSA GF3 or a WASR for somebody’s first AK & introduction to the platform? Big fan of your work and thank you for educating noobs like me.

    PS: Any thoughts or testing performed on the Galil Ace in 7.62×39?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Wasr10, because PSA always will be here man.

  4. John DeRegnaucourt Avatar
    John DeRegnaucourt

    Will bimetal bullets shorten my barrel life of my GF3 – or any AK for that matter? These ones that are steel underneath with a thin copper coating, Tula, Wolf, Brown Bear, …, the ones that are magnetic – hold a magnet to the bullet and it will stick.

    I can get those for $.17 to $.19 a piece. It seems that I am north of $.50 per bullet if I want a true copper coated bullet.

    I would love to hear what Rob Ski says about this.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Heat is what kills barrel most. If you will do mag dump after mag dump, that’s what kills barrels man.

  5. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
    Lawrence Otwell

    Rob, notice that PSA is making a M4 stock adapter for AKs similar to the Definitive Arms unit but for a much lower price. Have you/can you evaluate it?

  6. Lawrence Otwell Avatar
    Lawrence Otwell

    Oops, forgot that’s probably what’s on the AKV in testing now. Maybe you can comment on how it holds up over the long run.

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