Palmetto State Armory, Forged AK GF3: 1,000 Rounds Later

Palmetto State Armory, Forged AK GF3 is here and gets some Union treatment…;-)

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5 responses to “Palmetto State Armory, Forged AK GF3: 1,000 Rounds Later”

  1. Hector Avatar

    I got from the video, that It’s going to shoot bad & have problems (crooked sights, bad rear & bad barrel). Questions, where is it made, who made it & what year? See, I don’t have time to repair, struggle with sights, argue about alignment, ect. No, I’ll just simply pass & discard the entire company altogether, as being insane.

    Put yourself in the position of a 2 star general, he can’t outfit a police force of 30,000 officers, with crooked sights because overseas, officers carry machine guns. What if the general received a crooked rifle, a PSA? What do you think, he would do? Well, besides, calling the governor & mayor, banning the brand, he would trash it. SO, NO; IT DOES NOT PASS! Let me make it clear, “no.” Even a U.S Army CO would not pass that on base & I wouldn’t either. See, you cant pass that & ‘gotta call it sxxx, for what it is.

    1. thumbs up Avatar
      thumbs up

      good analogy. manufacturers take note.

  2. Hector Avatar

    Sir, PSA gave you a crooked rifle. That’s how they treat you.

  3. Shawn Avatar


    Which RS Regulate are you running on the PSA? Looks like a 303, but wanted to make sure.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I used 303 mainly.

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