Century VSKA AK: 2,500 Rounds Later

Century VSKA AK: 2,500 Rounds Later!

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7 responses to “Century VSKA AK: 2,500 Rounds Later”

  1. Jonatan Avatar

    Hi rob was wondering in your opinion which ammo and magazines have worked best for the vska so far?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Magpul mags, Xtech Tactical mags (ha!) and surplus mags. Ammo: everything wolf, golden tiger – even hollow points

      1. Jonatan Avatar

        Thanks and any suggestions where i could get a better extractor spring?

  2. Hector Avatar

    Internally, the “extractor spring” could be worn, just a thought. Century Arms changes them, along, with the recoil spring (Every 2-5K or so), during periodic maintenance cleanings. Claw springs are very tricky, some tighter & some looser. Extractor claw spring failures have happened in, that amount of time and less, like 500-2,000 rounds. That round count is still a-lot though, ‘kinda, by comparisons, you know, what I mean. The VSKA is very likely, using Century’s new recoil spring, which is supposed to be way better but I don’t know, about the extractor claw’s. They had problems, with it, before, a-lot of actual spring failures; so, they ended up changing out the extractor spring more & more, as round count went up. Cleaning is their biggest pet pea. Great video.

  3. Daniel Dunn Avatar
    Daniel Dunn

    Looking at the 2500 rd. test results , certainly doesn’t want to make me run out and buy one of these .
    After seeing the videos of the RAS 47 , What did you expect ? Century Arms ” getting it right the first time ” ,
    just isn’t going to happen !
    Just seems like the intelligent imbeciles running the Circus over at Century Arms will never learn from their
    mistakes , finally fix one problem , and then , create another one to take its place …. give the sap who buys their
    products ” just enough to want more ” !

  4. Daniel Dunn Avatar
    Daniel Dunn

    I just had to ask myself : Why would a Company like Century even consider bringing out a ” New Model ” AK to
    replace the RAS 47 ? It has been almost a year now that the bottom has fallen out of the AK47 Market .
    Presently , due to ” Trump Slump , over proliferation and turds like the RAS 47 ” , very few buyers actually really care anymore about the AK . To me , ” real happiness ” is a new Russian VEPR , at a price that I can afford !

  5. Daniel Dunn Avatar
    Daniel Dunn

    Watched the VSKA 5000 round torture test video conducted by Mr. Gunsgear …. still does not make me want to
    go out and buy one ! From what I understand , the VSKA rifle that he tested was sent to him by Century Arms .
    Century Arms must have taken special production precautions in the building of this test rifle …. unlike Rob-ski’s
    ” off the shelf ” test rifle , it apparently only jammed 5 times in 5000 rounds .
    Had this VSKA been an “off the shelf ” test rifle , I am sure that things would have turned out differently on the small
    number of stove -pipes encountered .

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