Adidas and Soviets

So everyone loves those memes, but did you know that there actually is some really cool story behind all of this? And those sneakers aren’t actually real Adidas?
Adidas adventures with Soviets happened because of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Well, actually thanks to major countries boycotting those games. Adidas made a deal with Soviets to equip their team. But, Soviets put up some serious demands: Adidas had to nullify its iconic Three Stripes branding and produce clothes without logos. Also, any adidas shoes with the Three Stripes had to be modified so the stripes formed an “M”, to signified the host city of Moscow…Adidas had to agree, as part of its “Official Supplier” contract, guaranteeing “exclusive supply rights”, to produce goods supplied to the games on Russian soil. But there was a catch, Adidas would have to leave the bulk of its shoe production facilities behind after the Closing Ceremony. Adidas agreed and deal was signed.
After Olympic games, the Soviet government then utilized all the leftover equipment and resources to create the MOCKBA: a Three-Stripe sporting shoe later often used by Spetsnaz…So, it’s not really Adidas, but close enough…😉
Here is in depth article on it.

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    Looks like the link to the in-depth article might be broken. I searched it up and think this might be the correct article ( Hope this helps.

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      Rob Ski

      Thank you!

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