Metal reinforced lips and locking lugs – check!
Price below $20 – check!
Fits snugly and feeds nicely – check!
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4 responses to “New Bulgarian AK74 Magazines!”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Too bad we can’t have bulgarian Ak-74’s imported too!

  2. Rich M Avatar
    Rich M

    Hey Rob! Quick question about the OSS. Since the suppressor is designed to keep itself tightened down with each shot, do you see this being an issue with LH threaded barrels? Do you rocksett your OSS muzzle devices?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I do rockset my OSS muzzlebrakes. I torque muzzle devices with wrench to the max too. Then i torque suppressor with the wrench too. But rockset is only on muzzle threads.

      1. Rich M Avatar
        Rich M

        Good to know. Thank you Rob. I appreciate all that you do for the community!

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