PSA AKE – Enhanced AK – Lights Out! 3k Rounds Update!

PSA AKE – Accuracy Update (Mid Term)!
Do you even Barnaul?
But can it swim?
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8 responses to “PSA AKE – Enhanced AK – Lights Out! 3k Rounds Update!”

  1. Brett Avatar

    What side rail and optic are you running on that?

  2. bpep Avatar

    Compared to like an Arsenal 107, would you say this is on par with the same quality and specs? Also is the AK-E compatible with ZenitCo furniture? I was wanting to purchase one soon and get some nice Zenit rails, but I wasn’t sure if the AK-E is the same specs as a standard AKM pattern AK.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      We have to wait to see how AKE will end up. So far so good, but we are at 3k only…
      Zenitco would have to be fit – some filing will be required.

  3. Ian Avatar


    Which KNS piston did you end up going with?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Ian, i don’t use KNS piston on it.

  4. JJarms Avatar

    Hi there,
    JJarms on Instagram

    Im new to the AK world but have been doing my research and watching your videos. Was about to get a PSA GF3 but was able to grab a AKE right before the virus hit the US. Its a kickass AK , just waiting for some bullets on backorder.

    Any recommendations for optics on my AKE or other mods i should look into? Thank you.

    Your videos are badass, thank you! And screw YouTube for taking your stuff down.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I would wait for upcoming 2x ACSS from PA – the same i run in last video on it. Also, i think that better stock is in order for this rifle, it deserves it! lol:

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