Gun Control – Learn from Crazy Left

Let’s be honest here, we are not going to convert any gun grabbers. That’s simply isn’t going to happen. This isn’t my goal, but I want you, gun owner, to really start paying attention to what is happening on political scene next to you. Yes, we can make a difference and yes your vote count. Examples from recent elections are currently on display at US Congress. We just have to learn from “Left” how to win seats…;-)

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6 responses to “Gun Control – Learn from Crazy Left”

  1. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    Did you buy my SLR 107? I sold it (online) w/bayonet and that grip was in the box not on rifle. It had less than 300 rounds fired through it. I also sold my Vepr along w/the rest of my AK stuff.
    Moved out of Portland OR last summer. I still watch your vids, just don’t own AKs anymore.
    Best regards!

  2. Uziel Avatar

    Amen brother! Those who are pro second amendment but vote democrat should invite their candidates to a range day. Maybe the response they get will open their eyes. I donโ€™t know how much more obvious it can be that they not only fail to represent us…. they are actually against us.

  3. Hector Avatar

    I agree, that’s right.. First & foremost, a person can always talk & debate politics. If someone tells another, leave it out, don’t do, what the person says. That individual would be very wrong & fail. I don’t care, if he has been a private or SGT for 30 years. Politics & laws are always scrutinized & I mean always, no matter, what anyone says. Always question. We have higher education & that’s the difference. Good vid & point.

  4. Leon Avatar

    This reminds me, how could Montana, a state with 52% gun ownership rate, reelect a Sen Jon Tester, with an NRA rating of a “D”, who advocates gun registration and other gun control measures. This is how gun owners contribute to gun control and a leftist become their senator.

  5. Danny Carrington Avatar
    Danny Carrington

    If you vote Democrat in 2020, your voting to have your guns taken from you, you need to change your vote to someone who supports 2nd Amendment rights. There is no Democrats that support the 2nd Amendment in 2020. I used to be a Democrat, and changed to Republican about 35 years ago because they do not support the 2nd Amendment, and Democrats just want to control every aspect of your life. They are lying to you, there will be no free medical for all, it will be free for lazy people, and illegals, while we working people pay 90% tax on our wages, while lazy people, and illegals get all for free. Can you imagine only bring home less than 1/8 of your paycheck to support all the lazy people who wont work, and illegals. VOTE REPUBLICAN

  6. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    Rob, I can’t believe your state is trying to require fingerprinting just to own a firearm. What else can or will they do with the fingerprint database? Unbelievable.

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