5.56 Zastava M90 Swamp Choke – Not a Swamp Monster…

So Zastava 5.56 AK M90 goes to the Swamp and things don’t go well! Critical lessons learned!
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2 responses to “5.56 Zastava M90 Swamp Choke – Not a Swamp Monster…”

  1. MT Avatar

    Manual says use setting 3 for adverse conditions, at 4:19 you can tell you were rushing and did not allow it to click into setting two, that’s why it spun and effectively turned the gas off. Can you try some AC Unity 556 30’s and factory steel Zastava mags? The third party mags these are shipping with have been famous for being really bad. I have an m90.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That’s what I said in the video…but yes. Also, water isn’t really adverse conditions, but I will run it on 2 only and disregard their updated manual (they say use #1 for normal operations now). I used Zastava steel mags already, they work well. I never had a good luck with AC unity mags tho…

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