Palmetto State Armory, Forged AK GF3: 2,000 Rounds Later!

Palmetto State Armory AK, GF3, goes through another thousand rounds. This time I have spotted some things on pictures which honestly worry me little bit…we will see how this is going to end up.

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5 responses to “Palmetto State Armory, Forged AK GF3: 2,000 Rounds Later!”

  1. David Crist Avatar
    David Crist

    Hi Rob. Great review! I do have an observation/comment that is related. PSA has started selling the GF3 bolt carriers and pistons for $79 shipped and stated on their website that they should fit most akm’s. We(me and my wife) bought one because it gives us a forged bolt carrier that is USA made and also has a USA gas piston for 2 compliance parts. Well, we have a Wasr 10 made 5 or so years ago, an aes10b we got in 2011 and has a 1989 dated trunnion, and a arsenal Sam7 made in 2013. Each bolt carrier fits in the other rifle and works perfectly. The PSA does not fit any of these rifles; it will not go completely forward, and in so far as it does go the gas piston is a good 1mm higher than the other carriers. Clearly the dimensions are slightly different. Have you seen this in your rifles carrier? And since we have not returned ours yet, want to borrow it? Might be interesting.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Good find. I will have to try it out.

  2. Hector Avatar

    Hollywood rifle. That’s why, I don’t & will never pay for PSA, “it’s a complete & total fake.” Its intentions are different. The WASR yes, totally real. Why? Because it diminishes the importance of having an AK. That means, those U.S brands make AKs less important. For example, it will never go to war, defend the nation & doesn’t protect freedom. In other words, they actually oppose freedom & do not defend the innocent. They are sold, resulting from Obama’s fraudulent laws, which is, through boycotting & sanctions. Remember, this is a war, real vs. fakes, no compromises.

    “That’s why the parts didn’t fit.”

  3. vorkosigan Avatar

    So the WASR 10 is “totally real”and all the others(US made AK patterns in particular) are not because they “never go to war, defend the nation & don’t protect freedom”. The Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-Automatic Rifles were created by arrangement for the civilian (mostly United States market) they have never been a military arm.Under your criteria,all semi auto AK variants, both foreign made and domestic,are not “real” Do you perhaps have a pre-89 select fire AKM manufactured in some Soviet client state?
    Now, the WASR 10 I own and enjoy is a great, reliable, AK variant, but the purpose of these tests is to determine
    if PSA (and Century, and others) can produce civilian semi auto AK that performs as well, and lasts without damage to its components, as the European produced rifles–WASRs, Arsenal, and the various kit builds by
    US manufacturers using Polish, Bulgarian, and Hungarian forged parts kits(which have become very scarce and
    quite expensive) PSA produces good quality and affordable AR-15s and with time and experience and input from testing, they may be able to equal the products from the Cugir factory–and that would be a good thing.

    1. FL Frank Avatar
      FL Frank

      Atlantic Arms had a large batch of WASR10s for sale which saw service, albeit through contractors supplementing US Troops.

      “After the terrorist attacks of 911 the US government began using overseas contractors to supplement their military forces in various regions including Afghanistan and Iraq . These forces were often issued US supplied weapons including the DPMS AR 15 and the AK47 Romanian WASR 762 x 39. We believe that these rifles were employed by a firm known as SOC USA doing US government security work ( ) and possibly Ugandan defense contractors shown in the pictures below. The Rifles will show the Flavor of deployment on the battlefield. The guns have a neat a slightly collectable niche for those who may want a conversation piece and good shooter. The Contractor guns are in Good Working order & will show wear on metal and wood surfaces & may need cleaning before usage . Stock sets may show wear , minor cracks , gouges or signs of general use ….”

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