AK Iron Sights Giveaway!

Just post underneath of this this video.
Winner will be selected randomly on Friday, August 7th, 2020.
Results will be posted in comments and here.
Open to US residents only.
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20 responses to “AK Iron Sights Giveaway!”

  1. vorkosigan Avatar

    count me in

  2. thinkingman Avatar

    I need all the help I can get- a good rear sight is a simple solution.

  3. Joey Avatar

    sign me up

  4. Dan Avatar

    Count me in too!

  5. Derek seestedt Avatar
    Derek seestedt

    Rob, looks very interesting. I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

  6. thisguy Avatar

    Worth a shot.

  7. FNG1 Avatar

    This sight upgrade looks good!

  8. nobody Avatar

    New Hampshire reporting in.

  9. Mike Manahan Avatar
    Mike Manahan

    Looks like a really great rear sight, count me n as well.

  10. Chuck Avatar

    Who wouldn’t want free stuff?

    1. Jeremy s. Avatar
      Jeremy s.

      Whats up rob

  11. Klaus Avatar

    Looks to be a very nice upgrade. I’m interested one way or another but why not try for the give away first.

  12. Matthew Hodgin Avatar
    Matthew Hodgin

    Checking in for mew sights!

  13. Jim Tripp Avatar

    KNS has these for $150. Count me in

  14. Joey Avatar

    sign me up!

  15. Travis R. Avatar

    Definitely would love a chance to win!

  16. Andrew Avatar

    Sweet sight let’s get one.

  17. Tim Roman Avatar
    Tim Roman

    I’m in! AKOU

  18. Nimrod Avatar

    My favorite kind of anything…. Free

  19. Denny Ducet Avatar
    Denny Ducet

    Rob runs the best modern firearms channel on YouTube.
    Folk Firearms Collective

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