Palmetto State Armory: Forged AK – GF3 on Budget!!!

Together with Paul, we go over new, PSA GF3 AK and officially kick off 5k rounds test on it!

5 responses to “Palmetto State Armory: Forged AK – GF3 on Budget!!!”

  1. Hector Avatar

    That’s a good online deal but it’s +$200 locally. PSA seems to be desperate but the thing is, the AK is to outfit an entire army, like 1 army, which is 4-8-12,000 and up to 40-80,000 soldiers. I just don’t see PSA succeeding long term, having lowered their prices. They can sustain production but not soldiers for PSA operators, by heritage. There are holes in PSA & VSKA’s marketing sales story. I don’t believe it & not falling for it. I would trade 5 U.S made AKs & a Mossberg shotgun, for 1 Russian Kalashnikova or AK shotgun. For AK shotgun, 15 Mossbergs for an AK shoty. Good video.

    1. Christian Avatar

      One reason of interest for a quality manufactured US AK is because rifles currently made overseas are then mated with select US parts. Due to the resulting variance in metallurgy, parts can take a real beating and deform. As example, a rifle could have an overseas made BCG, and due to the different hardness of a US made fire control group, the rifle’s hammer may start to deform the BCG tail. Thus, if we can get a quality AK that has all of its parts 100% US manufactured, the rifle should see benefit from a homogeneous metallurgy (in-sync hardness of the parts). Let’s cheer on PSA for their drive to continuously improve and deliver a quality AK at an affordable price point.

    2. AK God Avatar
  2. Roy Crews Avatar

    I just received my psak 47 g3 and front sight had to be moved all the way to the right to zero. After about 5 rounds to zero the rifle did double taps on it’s own. The range official asked me to not shoot it any more as it could go full auto. I am trying to get palmetto but phone is always busy and did not answer email. Just thougt you would like to know.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Roy, i’m guessing you bump fired by accident. There is no way for this trigger group to go “full auto”. Full auto AKs need 3rd pin in the receiver and totally different fire control group…;-)

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