C39V2 3500 rounds later!

C39V2 3500 rounds later! More problems…what is happening here?! New video is out!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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11 responses to “C39V2 3500 rounds later!”

  1. Don adler Avatar
    Don adler

    This gun is good if you truly have a bolt or carrier problem century will take care of it military specifications were never good most of military gear in the early 72 was pretty poor military grade sucks like m16 not very good rifle especially for Vietnam so when people say arsenal military grade does not empress me usa century arms 39v2 is a great modern ak fun to shoot made well if you have a bad bolt they will send you a new one

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Don, we posted numerous videos of 5k rds tests on other AKs…non of them, with exception of another Century Rifle, RAS47, is exhibiting problems like this…
      You can’t just swap bolts “by mail” on AK…i’m guessing based on your comments that you are rather new to AK world…this isn’t AR. Headspacing can very vary from AK to AK, even if it was made by the same manufacturer (like Century)…

      1. Jeremy Sharp Avatar
        Jeremy Sharp

        Hey Rob I picked up an AMD 63 for $429 at classic firearms I know I’ll have to change the furniture but man you can’t beat that, I also have a ras I’m just going to shoot it till it blows up I’ll keep checking the headspace something I didn’t expect the AMD is a lot lighter than the ras 47

      2. Josh Coder Avatar
        Josh Coder

        If the rifle runs and the head spacing is fine then what difference does the deformation make? It seems to me more of a cosmetic thing than a mechanical one (at least until, or if it ever becomes a mechanical one). I mean you pay well over $1 for an Arsenal build and the paint is lower than the snakes shit. But it’s only cosmetic. But Arsenal isn’t offering to repaint anyone’s AK… And honestly speaking if Century will send another bolt free of charge (and they will), having a gun smith head space an AK (or doing it yourself if you know how) is pretty cheap, especially if you get lucky and the head spacing is unaffected… I’ve also seen people swapping their Century bolts for Radom bolts etc… In the end it all boils down to dollars and cents… Am I looking at this right?

  2. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    This rifle came out of the 3500 rd. test pretty much as I expected , which is more folding of the metal on the locking lugs due to progressive deformation …. at least the bolt head spacing is still holding up !
    What ” will be ” the useful shelf life of this C39V2 ??…. I say 5000 rounds , but we will see !
    Absolutely not worth the $830 that I had to pay for mine …. you live and you learn !

  3. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    If , at the 3500 round count , you have to practically beat the bolt out of the carrier , in order to separate these
    two components , why would anyone with a brain in his head write into this blog and make lame excuses for a
    company that apparently has ” no intention ” of doing right by the customer !
    Century Arms has demonstrated , over and over again , that they are ” the gang that can’t shoot straight !
    They have had ” ample time ” to correct this problem !…. the least they could do now is ” lower the price of this
    rifle to $550 ” …. are you listening Century Arms ??

  4. engineer2001 Avatar

    This is pretty much going like I expected after seeing the RAS47 performance in your previous videos. At least this one isn’t jamming up on you yet like the RAS. But when you get the hammer out and start beating the carrier back, I won’t be too surprised.

    Please get one of the Romarm “Paratrooper” rifles that Atlantic has right now and test it. That shorter, Draco-looking gas system worries me on reliability, but it looks so cool and would probably balance really well since it looks so light in front.

  5. Woody Avatar

    I see different brakes on the rifles you test. From the AKOU store (gotta pay union dues!) is the fighter brake or the BD-2 the preferred brake on your rifles? Rob feel free to chime in! Just bought a WASR.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Fighter brake is upgrade fro slant brake, but if you need to control muzzle even better, get bd2

  6. Dan Dunn Avatar
    Dan Dunn

    Saw Robski’s Jan.20th. Video on the C39V2 ( Ticking Time Bomb ! ) …. I feel vindicated now , for reporting that
    I saw a stress crack on the ” secondary bolt locking lug ” of a used C39V2 rifle , that I examined at a gun show .
    I was criticized for this by a blog commenter : I don’t believe you – You are just tripping out !
    I will say this again : I put 30years in a steel mill and I know what a serious stress crack looks like , this is an
    accident waiting to happen ! …. something to think about before shooting even 600 rounds in that new C39V2 .
    What is it going to take to wake these these intelligent imbeciles up , over at Century Arms …. a serious injury ?
    There are probably more of these ” trick or treat ” rifles out there , and we need to find them …. keep up the good
    work Robski !

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thank you for your feedback Dan!

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