Arsenal SLR104 2000rds Later: Ice, Ice Baby…

Arsenal SLR104 2000rds Later: Ice, Ice Baby…

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5 responses to “Arsenal SLR104 2000rds Later: Ice, Ice Baby…”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Ive been asking arsenal for a fixed stock 107 for years. 107-11 now in stock at kvar.

  2. Bob Avatar

    What is the cheek pad / riser that you are using with that triangle folder?

    1. KSB Avatar

      IIRC, Rob said is was something like weathering strips or insulation strips from the hardware store, then he just wrapped the whole top bar with some sort of tape. I think he stated this somewhere in one of the two AK Files threads for the two videos, but it may have been facebook.

      You could probably also use something like a piece/strip of one of those “pool noodles,” and wrap it on with tape, much like Rob did.

  3. Alex Avatar

    What color do have the rifle painted? Some kind of brown or tan? Really like it. Any fancy coating or just spray paint?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is coyote brown, from rothco

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