Daniel Defense M4V11LW 5000rds Later: LOVE and HATE!

Daniel Defense M4V11LW 5000rds Later: LOVE and HATE!

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6 responses to “Daniel Defense M4V11LW 5000rds Later: LOVE and HATE!”

  1. Connor Avatar

    That’s unfortunate about the rail. Both ARs you have tested with free float rails have shifted, and the DD rail looked like a sound design. Makes you wonder just how many free float rails out there would shift just from simple drops. Especially the cheaper options. Guess they just aren’t as secure as everyone thinks, but maybe no one notices because they never use irons!

    1. Magda Avatar

      This site is like a clsosroam, except I don’t hate it. lol

  2. Ruben Nunez Avatar
    Ruben Nunez

    Can you try a LWRC piston AR or a DAEWOO DR200 very interested to see these go thru the test

  3. Zdr Avatar

    Thanks for the test ak op Union. Citizens are more aware than before. Be interested to see how dd handles the test. They are a stand up company and will probably come up with a solution in their next design evolution. Time to make some alignment marks on rails and be cognizant of the issue.

  4. Zdr Avatar

    @robert, “Ron of battlefield Las Vegas” already disclosed pertinent results regarding piston ar’s on ar15.com forums, di systems for ar’s are prefered. Great read over there. That thread among others of his, line people out on arms and other.

    Ak op Union tests are a great addition to compliment that thread as the union test are more realistic of what one should expect from a fighting rifle. How about a test on a marlin 30-30, ruger 10-22, or even a bolt action 30-06 / 270? These are prevalent in the USA and have utility. Mixing it up may be fun for the testers.

    1. Zdr Avatar

      Or even a 7.62×39 / 5.45×39 upper test on an ar lower with steel case ammo…

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