Molot Vepr FM AK47 – 2500rds Later

Molot Vepr FM AK47 – 2500rds Later

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14 responses to “Molot Vepr FM AK47 – 2500rds Later”

  1. Wesley Avatar

    Hi Rob, Im looking to get my first 5.45 AK and was wondering if you would recommend an Arsenal SLR 104 or the VEPR FM AK74

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      SLR104 if you want to have folding stock. Vepr 74 if you don’t care for extra weight.

  2. Josh Moody Avatar
    Josh Moody

    love this rifle, got mine in and put a much better stock with adaptor on it. any idea what handguard/rails will fit this rifle. i have the 5.45 version fm ak74 11. i want to use an ultimak and a handguard to put forward grip on but have no idea what to buy to fit. keep up the awsome videos guys!

  3. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, great job. Looking forward to the rest of the test, smells like new king of the hill

  4. george f colee Avatar
    george f colee

    Rob have you done a 100yrd accuracy with the vepr yet? It’s interesting to see how the accuracy degrades as the round count goes up. I have only 60rds through one and I have yet to shoot for groups but the sights seem almost perfect using wolf poly even out to 300yrds. Your comments on the stock and trigger are totally correct in a word awful. But those problems are easily fixed and I still think this rifle is totally worth the price tag for what you get.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I will in one of the next episodes.

  5. Terry Avatar

    What do you guys think of the sturm red heat brake? I’m looking for a 74 style brake to put on my polish underfolder and then add a rear tang/sling hoop that sticks out about 2″ that would mount under my handle , I live in ca so I need 30″ oal to use my folder and don’t want a fake can or 5.5″ brake

  6. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, couple questions about vepr, are the bcg and piston inter changeable with other ak’s? And would a wood set ( upper/lower hand guards and but stock) work from a RPK rifle? Thanks for any info, keep up the good work!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi, no on parts – you need vepr spare parts and you need to head space whole thing before playing around with different bolts. As for wood from RPK, yes, it will work.

  7. Tyler Avatar

    Hey Rob, I am trying to decide between the fm ak47 and the Definitive arms DAV-47. Is the DAV-47 worth the extra money ($500) or should I just get the fm ak47? Thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      If FM is in the form like you like it, get FM.

      1. Tyler Avatar

        Thanks Rob I just got the fm in today and love it. Much better fit and finish then my slr…

  8. Gregory Evans Avatar
    Gregory Evans

    Wuzzup Rob, I was undecided on the Vepr which it’s a good rifle, I was looking at the SAM7R and the price ranges is $100 difference which is no problem but they dominate in there own way. I already have an slr107r and wanted something else, another Arsenal or a Vepr. Can I get some advise please?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Man, Vepr won’t be imported anymore…that’s it. So if you need one for collection, get it now…

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