CLASH of the TITANS 4: Sand Tornadoes!

CLASH of the TITANS 4: Sand Tornadoes!
Molot Vepr AK47 vs Daniel Defense AR15, epic struggle continues!

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9 responses to “CLASH of the TITANS 4: Sand Tornadoes!”

  1. Dylan Avatar

    Rob, I’ve been looking into getting a new AK, and I’m between getting a DDI ($899) and a Lee Armory Polish Premium with a chrome lined FB Radom barrel($1299). I know the DDI is a great rifle, but I don’t know that much about the Lee Armory. Everything about Lee Armory has ranged from really good to really bad. Which rifle would you recommend?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have never tested Lee’s rifle…i honestly ca’t tell.

  2. Joseph Avatar

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that Vepr! Keep up the awesome videos guys!

  3. Turbodc2 Avatar

    Good to see both rifles running great. ARs get a bad rap in regards to reliability in my opinion. My personal M4 rifles have run like tops with thousands of rounds of ammo from all different ammo manufacturers, most of it being cheap ammo. I’ve found that ARs will run dirty as well, especially if they have lube in them. Would be kinda a cool to see a test of both of the rifles operating without lube to see how far they will be able to go without lube and without cleaning.

  4. Zdr Avatar

    What was the result of the dd crooked rail from the concrete drop?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I discussed this on forum pages already. I will post update in the next episode as well. 3 of 4 bolts were lose. That’s why rail shifted. DD is using some special bracket which is isolated from barrel nut, so at least barrel nut didn’t move, but if you would run irons on that rial, your zero would be gone.

  5. MIKE DEWALT Avatar

    I have the DDI M4V11, so I am keeping an eye on these videos. I have nothing but good things to say about mine, but I don’t put it thru hell like you do either Rob. I once was considering getting the Vepr AK47, but since I already own the Arsenal Sam-7, I decided it wasn’t really necessary. I do have the Vepr in 5.45(the wood hunting version w/thumbhole grip.) Also have the Vepr SVD style monster of a rifle.:P Real fun to shoot. Like that power!

  6. MIKE DEWALT Avatar

    regarding above: DD(Daniel Defense) NOT DDI! Got my mind stuck on the DDI ever since I saw the video of the new DDI hammer forged ‘Trinity’ AK47 having the extractor break after only just over 500 rounds, since I already ordered one! LOL

  7. Spencer Avatar

    I got the vepr FM- AK74-11, I’ve installed the kyber customs top hanguard. What suggestions do you have to change lower hand guard to wood.

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