ZASTAVA AK47 NPAP: 5000 Rounds Later and Giveaway!

ZASTAVA AK47 NPAP: 5000 Rounds Later and Giveaway!

final-crackIMPORTANT UPDATE (11/14/16) about Zastava NPAP 5k rounds rifle: guys, one of the members spotted small cracks developing on the back of the receiver of NPAP rifle in our last video.
I have checked pictures from early runs and those cracks weren’t there (included is picture from 1st video, after 1k rounds).
Now, after 5k rounds, you can see 2 cracks around cover button hole (see bottom picture).
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.






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20 responses to “ZASTAVA AK47 NPAP: 5000 Rounds Later and Giveaway!”

  1. Justin Nels Avatar
    Justin Nels

    Great stuff as always, guys! Always enjoy your work.

  2. Michael Cassara Avatar
    Michael Cassara

    Your videos are absolutely fantastic, thanks for all the had work.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Thanks for being with us.

  3. Peter Beltran Avatar
    Peter Beltran

    Thank you for all the vids Rob. I currently own the ,underfolder milled version of the Yugo from ATI.
    It be nice to have its stamped brother.

    Thank you.

  4. Jeffrey Megown Avatar
    Jeffrey Megown

    Thanks for what you do. I love sharing your videos.

  5. J Day Avatar
    J Day

    Seems like Century needs to start using blue loktite .

  6. Mike Avatar

    Hi Rob,

    Great video. I might be seeing things that’s not there but I noticed what looks like a crack in the frame where the hole for the recoil spring button nut was. I noticed it when you showed the close up of the rivets in the video. Not sure how it would affect the functioning of the rifle.

    1. ET Avatar
  7. Phil Twiss Avatar
    Phil Twiss

    Great job, separating the wheat from the chaff from those without the means to waste on those that just look the part

  8. Xyou Avatar

    Looks legit. I can see a couple of upgrades and make it look nice and tactical. For 5000 rounds and the tests, it survived. Couple of upgrades will help it out

  9. Frank Napolitano Avatar
    Frank Napolitano

    Good Quality AK-47 !…. Up there with the Radom Firearms ! :>)

  10. Ethan Avatar

    Your videos are absolutely bad ass, thanks for all the had work.

  11. Leon Adams Avatar

    Good review. Glad to see the NPAP redeem itself after failing the torture test. Replace the furniture with a solid aluminum build (Midwest Industries MLOK hand guard for Yugo and solid stock) and she’s a keeper.

  12. Ed Avatar

    Great review I want one now

  13. Hosehead Avatar

    I think I’m the guy from California who gave the low down on the $800 price point. I wanted to clear up how I got there. The NPAP was $679, plus $30 shipping, plus CA sales tax of 8.75% (which FFLs here are required to collect, even on shipping), plus a $40 FFL fee, comes to a total of $811.04. I ended up with an Arsenal SAM7R, which has quickly become the favorite general purpose rifle in my collection. It’s good for deer in the wooded Ca mountains (maybe a 200 yd shot on the outside, with lead free ammo of course), and plinking (cheap 7.62X39 ammo). I don’t know how I lived without it. Thanks again for the info Rob; I’d have skipped the AK entirely if it wasn’t for you and your crew. Oh yeah, it’s great to introduce folks out here in CA to the fun of the Second Amendment (again, cheap 7.62X39), and everyone loves to fire “the bad guy” gun, from every movie they’ve ever seen.

  14. Jason Avatar

    I have a yugo underfolder that is milled is there anyway to go to a fixed or sidefolding stock?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Check with company name ACE if they have any adapters for you.

  15. Russell Neal Avatar
    Russell Neal

    Rob you spoke of a “link in the description” for the N-PAP cheesegrater, yet none was found…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Go to Khyber Customs

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