Divided we fall!

Divided we fall!

There are tons of subjects in guns world on which we, as gun owners, simply don’t agree with each other. There is no hiding it.
But tomorrow, we are facing one of most pivotal decisions in modern history of USA. We are tasked with electing a person, which will be responsible for this beautiful country for probably next 8 years, but also, that person will shape it for decades to come.
Please remember that next President will probably nominate 3 and maybe even 4 new Supreme Court justices…I’m talking here about possibility of complete change of balance inside the SC and you know what so-called “progressive” agenda wants – they WILL re write Constitution of USA. They don’t hide their intentions. They are very open about it…

Trump isn’t perfect candidate by any stretch. But at this point, choice is extremely simple, if you want to preserve 1A, 2A and core values which this country was made on, Trump promises to fight for it.

For those who say, “How bad it could be?” when speaking about Clinton as possible President, let me tell you this: Clinton as President will put President Obama to shame with her actions within first 100 days.
There is no “learning” on the job for her about twisting arms, using blunt force and political pressure on her opponents. If she will be elected as President, buckle up for rough ride.
So called “Assault Weapons” ban will be on table in no time and this time, they won’t leave any loopholes, oh no, they learned – look at CA.
She will also start clamping down on ammo production, putting EPA restrictions and taxes in place – to make it even more expensive to purchase it for us, users…
Clinton knows that re writing SC 2A stance may take time (appointing new SC Judges), so she and her team will look at new ways to make it harder to gun owners to enjoy their hobby.
I predict that for now, she will leave 2A alone, but she will do everything she can, to make you pay for it…
Clinton will try to drive ammo cost up (by using EPA, taxes and similar bullshit). Who is going to enjoy shooting guns if we will be forced to pay $1.5 per round?

So please, even if you don’t agree with me on guns subjects, or suppressors (lol!) take a moment from your busy schedule tomorrow, go, and vote…Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, your kids, your Country!
Thank you and God Bless America!

10 responses to “Divided we fall!”

  1. Roger Avatar

    Well said Rob, I’ll tell you from my stand point, I love the ak and ar platform and hunting. if she wins we could be looking at a complete gutting of our 2a rights and choices.

  2. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    Without the 2nd ammendment, you won’t have the rest of them for long. If law abiding gun owners do not have guns and ammo the government has no reason to fear we the people. I live in Arkansas, and I can tell you for a fact you do not want Hillary in the white house. This is an evil corrupt woman that will stop at nothing to get her way!!!

  3. J Day Avatar
    J Day

    1.5 a round means no more 5000 round tests.

  4. Jay Avatar

    We can breath easier now guys and gals. With TRUMP in office our constitution is safer than it has been since Reagan was president. Our gun rights are safe for now.

  5. David Avatar

    We won. America is safe

  6. Michael Avatar

    WE did it!!

  7. Jian Hong Avatar
    Jian Hong

    If she won, I would have seriously moved back to China, no way I want to be a part of a stupid, weak country of sheeple that votes for Obitch TWICE and then vote for the lying, corrupt hypocrite. She would definitely started World War 3 beginning with Russia.

    Trump won, we are safe, for now. Lets hope he actually delivers on his campaign promises because like I’ve said about the dumbass hillary supporters that cried about things that Trump SAID but are silent on her part in destabilizing the Middle East, “actions speak louder than words”!

  8. Lew Avatar

    We dodged a bullet, but the guns are always loaded. Complacency, when it comes to our rights and liberties as Americans, is always a mistake. We must continue to follow the operations of our government and the goober heads who run it, voicing opinions and get involved on all issues, and supporting the people and organizations who share our values.

  9. vorkosigan Avatar

    Yeah, we dodged a bullet–a criminal Clinton cartel would have been a disaster. But you cannot be complacent–watch your government, not only federal but state and local. In my state, Nevada, a Bloomberg funded and sponsored ballot initiative criminalizing private transfers of firearms and requiring expensive background checks for all was passed by the narrowest of margins by the Californian imports of Las Vegas. No other county in the state voted for this, but the huge, uninformed voters of Clark county rammed it through.
    And this has happened in many other states, all pushed by Bloombergs millions. Gun banners never stop, and if they cannot pass restrictive legislation nationally, they will try state by state. Stay vigilant.

    1. Jian Hong Avatar
      Jian Hong

      I am originally from CA, but I moved to Vegas because I got fed up with the leftist morons and their slaves. Im not one of those libtard carpetbaggers that voted yes. Makes me sick and ashamed Clark County is full of these clowns as well.

      I will NOT comply

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