New Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle

Meet the new Концерн Калашников (Kalashnikov Concern) sniper rifle – still in prototype phase, but you can clearly see where this is going to…
Rifle will be made in both: 7.62x54r and 7.62×51 NATO calibers.
Rifle was debuted at Russian Army Expo 2016.

Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle
Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle

One response to “New Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle”

  1. Phil Avatar

    I’ll be honest. It almost looks an awful lot like an FN-Herchel Rifle. I DO see some Kalashnikov design stand outs but. I don’t know, and won’t until I see a lot more specifics on the design and performance characteristics with the two different calibers.

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