Palmetto State Armory AR15 Freedom: 2000ย roundsย later.
Our continued review of PSA AR15, Freedom line!

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3 responses to “Palmetto State Armory AR15 Freedom: 2000 Rounds later”

  1. truckin Avatar

    you should keep a performance spread sheet to summarize the rifles you test.

    good job. enjoy your videos. very objective. like the accuracy test you do after 4 mag dump.

    as we all know, some barrels just don’t like certain ammo / bullets. switch ammo / bullets, it may be a moa gun.

    also, do you have any experience with the ak bone stock fron cnc?

  2. Connor Avatar

    I’ve always liked PSA and I hope they’re AR and AK both do great. Too many sub par budget AKs and ARs here and they’re doing great so far. Fingers crossed!

  3. Fredrik Avatar

    I think you should give Hardened arms AR15 a good run on the 5,000 round test…

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