Zastava NPAP 1000 Rds Later! NPAP review!

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23 responses to “Zastava NPAP 1000 Rds Later!”

  1. Mike Avatar


    When I was cleaning my WASR yesterday I noticed that the tail of the bolt carrier had some deformation like with the NPAP. I have been watching the tail since I got the WASR and the deformation started after I installed the ALG trigger. After firing, the tail of the bolt carrier is what starts the cocking of the hammer. Since the hammer is the only thing that the tail on the bolt carrier touches, could it be that the ALG hammer is harder than the original Century hammer that came with the WASR?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It could be Mike. Keep watching it. Maybe it will stop.

    2. Sean Avatar

      This same thing is happening to my DDI Stamped AKM. It originally had the Tapco G2 trigger, and I replaced it with the ALG. (I honestly can’t say when it started; I just noticed it last week). The deformation on my bolt carrier tail is worse than what’s happened to this NPAP: the sharp mushroomed lip goes all the way around all sides. If they resurface and heat-treat the metal again, will there be any negative consequence from it being slightly shorter?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        If damage is progressing at rapid speed, i would contact DDI immediately.

        1. Sean Avatar

          Thanks Rob. I talked to DDI, and they made a shipping label for the bolt carrier to go back to them for smoothing and spot heat treating. Zero hassle. I’m pretty impressed with their customer service.

  2. Ken Avatar

    Rob. Is that a factory buttstock ? The stock on my npap has a high comb and it is difficult to get a proper sight picture. The one on your rifle looks lie a standard AK stock. Are these stocks available for retro fit ?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, yes it is. Well, this is how it is setup from Century, not from Zastava.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Just picked up an NPAP from Atlantic last week, loving it so far. Mine seems to have electropenciled numers on the front trunion, dust cover, recoil spring assy., and bolt; 3470 from what I can see and I’m not seeing it on any other parts. Thoughts on what these might be for?

    Also, just for reference I have a what looks like a “T” on the rear of the bolt carier and a 0 (zero) or a O, not sure which, just aft of the cam channel on the bolt carrier. And, since you mentioned it, a 5 stamped on the barrel. Here’s a album of everything:

    1. Mike Avatar

      Forgot to add, the electropenciled numbers aren’t related to the serial that I can see. My serial is 53920 if that helps.

      1. James Avatar

        I recently picked up an npap as well. Same markings.

  4. Chad Johnson Avatar
    Chad Johnson

    When you do your next round of testing on the N-Pap, check the front sight barrel that the front post sits in. Just got back from the range with my N-Pap that I bought in June from Atlantic Firearms and I can adjust the front sight from left to right with just my thumb pressure. It would not stay zeroed. I have contacted Century about it. We will see what they say.

  5. vorkosigan Avatar

    Good start on the NPAP–you mentioned that the barrel is cold hammer forged– is the barrel chrome lined, like most Euro AKs, or not?

    1. Ethan Avatar

      Zastava does not chrome-line the Npap/Opap barrels. The only imports from them with Chrome-Lining that I have seen here in the states are the m85 PAP pistol and the M90NP rifle, both of which are chambered in .223.

  6. Spencer Avatar

    What muzzle break do you use? I noticed the one you have on there isn’t the stock one

  7. DM Avatar

    Hey Rob, hats off to you for your most excellent YouTube channel and all you do for the AK world! I have a question for you. I have two decent budget AKs: a fixed stock WASR 10/63 and an NPAP DF under folder. Both were purchased new and are as accurate and reliable as a person could want from Kalashnikovs like them. I’m looking to leave one out as a shooter and hide the other one away for when things go south. My question is this: which one should be kept “nicer” so as to potentially ensure maximum reliability and longevity for the future? The WASR has had a few more rounds put through it than the PAP, but it’s round count is still under 500. I can think of pros and cons for each, but because you know AKs far better than I do, I’d certainly welcome your wisdom on the topic.

  8. Troy Reardon Avatar
    Troy Reardon

    Hey Rob. Perfect timing as I have purchased an npap underfolder recently and a friend has purchased a Palmetto AK which he has yet to receive. I have put a few rounds threw it and was hitting stuff out the box. I have ordered my retention plate already. I also bought this
    And a Command arms polymer stock. It has a 10 year warranty and I figure Israelis use their shit. If you could find time to review this product you would be the shit! Thanks for your AK wisdom

  9. Benjamin Avatar

    Rob do you like the Zastava or the C39 V2 better?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski


      1. Benjamin Avatar

        What would be some of your reasons? I am still learning Aks

  10. Nick Avatar

    why do people hate on my Zastava/serbia npap so much? Everytime I take my Ak to a range and buy a grip or something like a retention plate. They always hate saying “Not to insult you…..but….Yugo AKS are crap!” I want to hit them over the head with my mag. lol I also have a Wilson combat recoil buffer on mine and they say it will cause my Rifle to malfunction. Is there any truth to any of this?

    1. Kurwa mac Avatar
      Kurwa mac

      I don’t hate it, I just prefer my Opap…About the recoil buffer, first of all I really can’t understand why people put those on AKs. Learn how to shoot so that the recoil doesn’t bother you, although maybe I have being shooting too much since I don’t think AKs have bad recoil at all. I have learned the ways to handle the AKs so that my body absorbs most of the recoil, granted not in all shooting positions you can do that but still. And the more rounds you put through that thing the easier it feels on recoil since you get used to it. I’m no gunsmith but I would guess that using a buffer on AK is not a good idea, puts lot of stress to rear trunnion(or what ever you call it).

      1. Nick Avatar

        I never got the buffer for the recoil aspect. That does not bother me at all. even though mine is a DF. I got it so that I don’t have that metal on metal that has been causing some of the mushrooming effect on the rear of the bolt carrier on some n-paps. Since it’s in, it also makes the spring have more pressure and seems (seems) to cycle faster since it does not have to travel all the way to the rear. My plans are to remove the buffer and replace with a Wolff Extra power spring. I think that will be the best for my AK. I shoot non corrosive RedArmy standard and TulAmmo. I also have a UltiMAK gas tube which has worked out great. Here soon I’ll be getting my shirt to show my love for AK OPERATORS Union! Keep up the great work Robski and thanks for the feedback Kurwa Mac

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