AKOU Giveaway!

Without you, it would be no AKOU – period!
Here is little gift for you: we are giving away original Russian AK74 (could be used on AKM as well) wood set with original Russian sling.
It is used kit, but with tons of character!
Winner will also get AKOU patch and AK Whore sticker!
All you have to do is post something underneath of this post AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS POST PLEASE!
Winner will be randomly selected on: Monday, September 5th at 7pm CT. Result will be posted here and at our Facebook page.

Winner of our giveaway is:
Nathaniel Chance!
Nathaniel, please message me ASAP so i can pack this wood set, sling, sticker and patch and mail it to you tomorrow!
Big thanks to all who participated!

84 responses to “AKOU Giveaway!”

  1. Rex DeNoma Avatar

    looks nice I wish I could win it.

  2. Adam Accarino Avatar
    Adam Accarino

    Give me that damned wood work

  3. Brennen Avatar

    You guys are the best!!

  4. Jeff Spetter Avatar
    Jeff Spetter

    Thank you Ak operators union

  5. Nicholas Calcia Avatar
    Nicholas Calcia

    Can’t say enough great things about y’all at AKOU!

  6. Jeff Avatar

    Gotta thank Paul for turning me on to the AKOU. Seen it from full30, then stared following on FB. Love the reviews on the different makes. Thanks for all you guys do.

  7. Lathrop Avatar

    Cool 🙂

  8. Jesus Avatar

    You guys are the best

  9. Todd mitchell Avatar
    Todd mitchell

    Nice package would love it. AKOU is Awesome!!

  10. Ethan Avatar

    That is incredibly generous! You guys keep up the solid work!

  11. Joshua doney Avatar
    Joshua doney

    Thanks for all that you guys do!!

  12. Brandon Avatar

    You guys are the first place I go for information on AK rifles! Keep up the good work!

  13. Billy Avatar

    Glad I found this Facebook page… With this being my first AK, the support from Rob has been exemplary…

  14. Alex siordia Avatar

    Ill love to get this beautiful kit. Love the ak platform.

  15. Fred Avatar

    This is amazing!!!!! Thank you for all the great stuff you put out.

  16. roger rippel Avatar
    roger rippel

    you guys keep up the great work!

  17. Brandon Almeida Avatar
    Brandon Almeida

    Nothing better than Russian wood. Bringing my wasr 10 with Russian wood to bootcamp in a couple weeks

  18. Fabio Avatar

    Amazing weapon The best. Thanks for The opportunity!

  19. Rich S. Avatar
    Rich S.

    That is a very generous offer. Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to many more videos, and I will continue to shop at your online store.

  20. HOWARD H FINKEL Avatar


    Rob, Which optic mout in your store will work with this AK Master Mount? Thanks!

      1. HOWARD H FINKEL Avatar


  21. Chris Avatar

    Hell yes

  22. Alex Speer Avatar
    Alex Speer

    Send me the furniture

  23. Justin Barnett Avatar
    Justin Barnett

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Michael M Avatar
    Michael M

    Great giveaway! Sharing now.

  25. Sergei Sanders Avatar
    Sergei Sanders

    Da. My human says he is liking this to give character to one of AKM models he has. He is big fan of AKOU 47-74.

  26. Rich Avatar

    Me Want!

  27. Jeff Day Avatar
    Jeff Day

    Heck Ya.

  28. Jonathan Lant Avatar
    Jonathan Lant

    You guys always given away great stuff!

  29. Arthur R Crego Avatar
    Arthur R Crego

    Man oh man what a great contest, and I hope someonenthat wins this is appreciative.

  30. Joseph H Avatar
    Joseph H

    looks awesome!

  31. Dan Riding Avatar
    Dan Riding

    Love the information and opportunities to learn new things on your site and channel! Keep up the great work!

  32. KaiserjaB Avatar

    This furniture would look great on my new wasr when it arrives!

  33. Jeff D. Avatar
    Jeff D.

    That would go so good on my new unfired sgl-31. It has black American polymer now.

  34. Michael Vogeler Avatar
    Michael Vogeler

    There are things I need in my life. This is one of those things.

  35. John Beckett Avatar
    John Beckett

    Love my AK’s

  36. Mitch Guthrie Avatar
    Mitch Guthrie

    Thanks for everything you do guys. Keep up the good work.

  37. Derek Avatar

    Would look good on my WASR!

  38. kent donnelly Avatar
    kent donnelly

    Would love to win. Wish it would fit my veper.

  39. Los Avatar

    Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy ya!!!!

  40. Dennis Avatar

    Keep up the great work AKOU!

  41. Martin Goss Avatar
    Martin Goss

    I would love that furniture!

  42. Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.

    Good wood lol Now, I know I won’t win it lol Outstanding work as always AKOU!!

  43. Matt Avatar

    Hope to win!!!

  44. Scott Avatar


  45. Sean Avatar

    You guys are awesome. Thank you for everything you do!

  46. Glen Avatar

    sweet Mother of AK Grails…..I need this in my life.

  47. tom lafountain Avatar
    tom lafountain

    Love the AK’s

  48. Megaglide Avatar

    Count me in!

  49. Ken Avatar

    Sounds great ! Will do. Already have akou sticker on my truck.

  50. Gary Avatar

    Beautiful, super excited. Spreading the word.

  51. Count Pollen Avatar
    Count Pollen

    I’m In.

  52. Stephen Ferris Avatar
    Stephen Ferris

    You’re the best

  53. Mike Avatar

    Looks great too bad I just bought one!

  54. Dave Avatar

    Hi Rob
    I think the AK Operators Union Local 47 74 is great. I really like the tests you do on the rifles, you push them hard to reveal any weaknesses, then give an objective review. I tell anyone that will listen, if you are looking to get an AK, go over to the AK Operators Union website and read all the reviews.

  55. skip Avatar

    that will look good on my new ak

  56. austin Avatar


  57. Derek Avatar

    Great Job Rob Ski and the rest of the AKOU family and also to all my AK brothers and sisters out there be safe and stay frosty. Aloha!!!

  58. Lewis Avatar

    Very cool and entertaining stuff to be had at AKOU. Along with honest and invaluable information at a level that I have not found anywhere else. No Bat Snot !

  59. Evan Avatar

    DO WANT!

  60. Michael Avatar

    Just started watching your videos because I’m shopping for my first new AK in years… Great work! Can’t wait to see how the PSAK G2 finishes up!

  61. Travis R. Avatar
    Travis R.

    You do a great job and I have learned so much watching your videos. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  62. Alex Avatar

    Awesome stuff Rob, keep up the great work!

    I hope enough donations are coming in to offset the costs of all these tests so we can keep these videos coming lol.

  63. Alex Avatar

    Very nice, can’t wait for the next update ^_^.

  64. gary b Avatar
    gary b

    You shake them up , which is a good thing……good stuff

  65. victor barvitskie Avatar
    victor barvitskie

    Love your videos, very informative. That stock set sure has a lot of character, would definitely be an upgrade for my WASR10.

  66. Mark Brojo Avatar
    Mark Brojo

    Guys, keep up the great reviews. Great job

  67. Mike Heideman Avatar
    Mike Heideman

    I like wood.

  68. Justin Avatar

    “All right, enough with the bullshit talk”.
    Rob, thanks for everything you do for the AK community. Your videos are very informative and entertaining.

  69. vorkosigan Avatar

    Thanks for all the work you do for the AK community–now if we could only have a Russian made AK to mount that “veteran” furniture on.

  70. Chad Avatar

    Love the wood!

  71. AndyM Avatar

    I love new furniture, great site Rob!

  72. Paul Avatar

    Looks like classic AK kit!

  73. tim Avatar

    that would look sexy on my DDI !

  74. Jacob H Avatar
    Jacob H

    That furniture is so beautiful I think it would finally make me “pull the trigger” on getting an AK! Haha get it?? No?… Ok, I’ll leave now.

  75. Arnold M Avatar
    Arnold M

    Outstanding contest! Love the sling too!

  76. Charles Avatar

    Kalash life is best life. Glad to see the resistance spreading!

  77. JohnG Avatar

    I’m looking for some for Saga the has trench art on it

  78. Randy Beecham Avatar
    Randy Beecham

    Awesome furniture and awesome website. Thanks, Rob !!!

  79. Rob Avatar

    You kick ass Rob. I’ve learned alot from your page. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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