ALG AKT-E (enhanced) AK trigger!

Ok, installation of ALG Defense AKT – E (enhanced) trigger was a breeze. Trigger has around 3.5 lbs pull (aux spring is in).
Reset is abut the same as on previous model.
Breaks smooooothly…I put it on my own build AK first – because i know that this rifle is very accurate. I want to see if i can squeeze even more out of it. When i will buy next AKT-E, i will put it on my 74 too, so we can compare it head to head and vs old ALG trigger.
3x ACSS Optic in picture is from our Annihilator set of course.
Cheese grater upper hadnguard is from Khyber Customs – check them out, those guys are awesome.
Short mag is from Bad-Element Company.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

AKT E trigger
AKT E trigger

60 responses to “ALG AKT-E (enhanced) AK trigger!”

  1. OneTwoBang Avatar

    Have to ask where you found one in stock? Also will AKOU be selling them in the store in the near future?

  2. Mike DiSanto Avatar
    Mike DiSanto

    Rob, I absolutely love your channel. Please do a review on triggers for the ak-47. What is the best trigger. The other question I have is how to ovoid or stop the dove tail from mushrooming.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I really like ALG triggers. Can’t argue with their clean and smooth break…

      1. Patrick Avatar

        Do you know if the psa ak47 needs the roll pins?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Impossible to predict. Some do, some don’t.

  3. Lee Avatar

    Hi Rob,

    I remember one of your video, you were talking about 2 to 3 lb trigger pull is not made for AK. So I stay with my arsenal two stage trigger. But since you suggest ALG now, I’ll just put it on mine too. Really love your channel. Hope you can host AK class in DFW area someday.



    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Just make sure to install that aux spring and you can increase pull tension by bending legs of the regular spring (check in manual)

      1. Tony Avatar

        So you definitely recommend using the aux spring then? I’m about to drop my AKT-E into my SLR-104. Thanks!

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          Yes. It is a must have for me.

  4. Spencer Avatar


    Have you used the AK High Energy Main Spring from Alg. If so was there any benifit. If not might be a good part to review. Alg Akt-e fit in my vepr fm ak74-11 no modification needed.

    1. Mike Avatar

      I used the AK high energy hammer spring on my Arsenal when I installed the AKT. The high energy hammer spring and aux spring really brought the pull weight up. I think the people complaining about the light pull should try those two springs and like Rob Ski said bend the arms on the spring that rest on the trigger to adjust the pull weight as well.

  5. Sean Avatar

    How’s the trigger been performing compared to the old one? I just picked up the enhanced version for my 74 and I’m excited to install it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It has very smooth and clean break.

      1. Zdr Avatar

        Anyone have a trigger slap issue with the alg trigger? Cut the tang off, it is still there. Also had the rivet issue.

        Note some dude posted a YouTube on combining the tapco g2 and alg trigger. Pretty interesting. Would love a tapco g2 with a clean and distinct break and no aux spring.

        Agree the aux spring is a must have in the alg.

  6. Kody Avatar

    I was just about to grab one of these for my Vepr AK47-11, but I noticed my rear trigger guard rivet is really high. Exactly how high does it need to be before filing of the rivet or disconnector is necessary?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Try it with the new trigger, see how deep disconnector goes into it…

  7. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    I’m loving mine.
    Only issue I encountered was the roll pin. My WASR didn’t need it. Safety engages without it.
    If you’ve never installed a new trigger in your AK (or, as in my case, anything else) it’s WAY easier that you think.
    AKOU: They, sure as shit, know their kit!

  8. Nathan Hamlin Avatar
    Nathan Hamlin

    Asking the room : Has anyone installed one of these in a “Golani Sporter”?
    I’m leaning on a friend to get their recoil spring from you, and one of these triggers might be a good idea, too.
    Note: last time I looked at it, I believe it had the Tapco G2.
    [I’ll mknow that, for sure, tomorrow]
    Many thanks.

  9. Mike Avatar

    I have had nothing but problems regarding my AKT-E on a wasr 63 (7.62×39)
    1 the bolt was hitting the front of the trigger seer. solution – shaving off 2mm from the left bottom part of the bolt carrier (widening the cut that the ejector passes trough)
    2 trigger slap. upon inspection the disconnector is hitting both the rivet with its tail and the trigger. i filed down the bottom of the disconnector so trigger slap was solved. BUT. now the tail is hitting the rivet with the full force, making me concerned that this extra impact on the tail will lead to the disconnector being broken
    3 after installing the rolling pin so the safety could be engaged. shooting 200 rounds led to the pin getting pushed back slightly up thus preventing the safety catch from being engaged.
    having said all this i did like the few shots that i fired without having the trigger slap. but i would not trust this trigger on anything other than a plinking rifle. Shame on ALG and their customer care. all their email were the standard oh im sorry but all aks are different bla bla bla

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Did they ever solved that problem for you? Just checking.

      1. Mike Avatar

        nope.. they offered to change the disconnector but since i live in europe its too much of a hassle considering that they stated that material would still need to be removed anyway. they sent me the specifications of how high the rivet can be in order for the trigger to work properly. but my rivet is well below that height limit anyway. i paid 150 dollars for that trigger to get it here.. if i had known it would be so troublesome i would have spent them elsewhere for sure

  10. Mike Avatar

    what do you think rob? is the disconnector tail hitting the rivet going to present a problem in the long term? or is it hard enough to keep on absorbing all those impacts without having an effect on its durability? if it is a problem, will i solve anything by filing the tail off or will this get me trigger slap again? thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It may not cause a thing at all, but i have seen few rivets basically pushed down…lol

      1. Mike Avatar

        ok thanks.. i’ll see how i can attach a brass washer to the top of the rivet so it will absorb the impact and avoid damage to both the rivet and the disco. thanks a lot and i just wish i could buy from you to support the union but unfortunately i cant being in europe :/

  11. Joseph Thomas Avatar
    Joseph Thomas

    Hey Rob, I have the earlier gen ALG trigger in a zastava m70ab2, but the tail of the disconnecter is rubbing the safely lever giving it an “unclean” pull… I noticed if i turn the lever all the way down it goes away, should i shave material off of the lever to stop this?

  12. Dennis Avatar

    I never bother with the auxilary spring……..the lighter the trigger pull the better for my uses and in the rifles I have installed the ALG triggers in…..which so far include a cheap PSAK47 and two different Arsenal SAM7’s. I am about to install yet another in my SAM7UF which I never should have bought…….but wanted a quality underfolder even though I had to spend even more money on a railed fore end to mount a red dot since the UF doesnt come with a scope rail. I have had NO problems in not using the auxiliary spring and cannot see why it is deemed such a necessity. No problems noted without the thing. Oh, and even the cheap Palmetto AK didnt have to have the roll pin installed and filed to fit (thank goodness).
    I thought you used to carry that cheese grater did you not Rob Ski?

  13. Tim N Avatar
    Tim N

    I put one of these in my VEPR and had to file my safety lever to work on the trigger and also to clear the disconnector. The disconnector had to be filed in the rear to clear a tall rivet on the trigger guard and also the front to disconnect from the hammer.
    I had a lot of trouble the first time I tried shooting with this trigger. I took it home and found all the other problems, at first I thought it was just the tall rivet getting in the way.
    It shoots great now with just 120 rounds so far with this trigger (about 800 through the rifle) and no problems.
    Rob was a big help getting this trigger to work like it was supposed to.

  14. Brian Joerger Avatar
    Brian Joerger

    What is the aux spring?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      It is used to increase weight of pull

      1. Chris Avatar

        Same question on the Aux spring. Not clear on what it is. Is it something that comes with the AKT trigger or a spring that comes with the rifle kit? I’m assuming you are not talking about the main spring or the disconnector spring. Perhaps, the rifle kit spring which looks closer to the shepard’s hook??? Thank you

        1. Chris Avatar

          cancel that. googled and saw that the aux spring is provided with the newer AKT-E trigger packs. thanks.

          1. Jerry Avatar

            Hey Rob. I just installed the ALG AKT trigger along with the ALG High energy main spring. Installation I believe went smoothly. Mt trigger has zero wiggle when the safety is engaged. The springs are sitting on the trigger like they should but my weapon would not re-set. Any ideas? Thank you.

          2. Rob Ski Avatar
            Rob Ski

            Is bolt carrier going all the way back?

  15. David Crist Avatar
    David Crist

    Hi. This is an off topic question: where did you get the cheek riser on your ak’s buttstock? That thing rocks!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That company doesn’t make them anymore. Sorry.

  16. eric martinez Avatar
    eric martinez

    hey rob, have you tried alg’s ultimate version of this trigger? at almost the same price im tempted.. any insight would be appreciated! thanks!

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I didn’t like it. That’s why we don’t offer them in the store. It was way too light for my taste…

  17. Wes Avatar

    What is the scoop with the ALG trigger? They are out of stock everywhere…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      ALG is slow producing them…that’s what they told me at Shot Show…

    2. Chris Johnson Avatar
      Chris Johnson

      And the AKV is out! But PSA cant put them in Every AK soooo…. How do i do the AKV MOD that PSA has done to the trigger( i heard it was a notch to allow the mag release to catch;Or something like that) But how is it done or does it even need to be done?

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        I don’t know, i haven’t done that yet.

  18. Kenneth Lacasse Avatar
    Kenneth Lacasse

    Hey ive seen on some of your videos that you like to reprofile the hammer on a lot of aftermarket ak triggers, do you leave the ALG hammer untouched or do a similar modification. Have you seen excessive peening with the alg? Thanks robski

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I do mods on ALG trigger hammer. Yes, i have seen peeing with ALG triggers. They heat treat them hard.

      1. R Popp Avatar
        R Popp

        Rob, what mods are you making? Do you think it is smart to install a ALG-EL Defense trigger on my new ZPAP? I do not want pre mature peening on my new weapon. Is it possible to use the stock hammer and install the other components?

        Thank you
        R Popp

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          I remove (file down) hump at the middle of trigger hammer – smooth it out. But that’s me.

  19. Thomas miller Avatar


  20. Ben Avatar

    Hey Rob!

    Sorry for breathing into and old thread but I am curious about your experience with the longevity and durability of the alg akt triggers. I have a couple and have been debating putting one into my intrac maadi. It’s my regular shooter and don’t want to compromise the rifles reliability.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      All my ALG triggers are still working. ALG had some issues with Arsenal rifles, but they addressed that (trigger hammer was whacking rivet).

  21. Josh Avatar

    Im thinking of snagging one of these for my AK. Noticed we have a similar safety selector, did you have any issue with the clearance between the trigger and the safety stop? Did you need to install the roll pin?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, i needed to add roll pin. Almost in all my ALG trigger installs I had to use roll pin. No matter what safety lever was used…

  22. Roland Avatar

    Rob, please excuse my ignorance, but why wonโ€™t this trigger work in a Draco?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I have no idea, but that was the feedback from the guys who purchased that trigger for their dracos…they said it wouldn’t reset…

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