AKOU response to IO letter about “unfair” 5k rds test…

AKOU response to IO letter about “unfair” 5k rds test…

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8 responses to “AKOU response to IO letter about “unfair” 5k rds test…”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Thank you Rob for having the integrity to conduct objective and unbiased tests.

    I might have been willing to take a chance and buy an I.O AK if over time it was shown that you had started making a durable, reliable, well made product. I will now however, NEVER buy an I.O. product, nor will I EVER recommend to anyone that they buy one, even if you started making the best AKs on the market. Why?. Because you have clearly shown that you have no integrity/ethics in attempting to portray Rob and Paul as incompetent, when you know the actual problem was with your AK. Hope to soon see your company filing for bankruptcy.

  2. Gibby Avatar

    Spot on Dave. IO can come out of their dollar store manufacturing if they choose to. However based on their top mans response, I’ll never ever consider an IO product. Dude lied and made preposterous comments toward Rob and Paul. Fuck IO

  3. Jimmy Avatar

    Rob — you are making every effort to create unbiased testing — and you are succeeding. You have field experience which is valuable to us who are not nearly as well versed. I had looked at IO AKM rifles but purchased a C39 from Century — mainly due to your detailed, honest reviews. Thank you.

  4. Ian Avatar

    I think you testing is very valid. I was going to buy one of these rifles however I saved my nickels and dimes and purchased an ARSENAL AK. Since then only thing I did was refinish it to a more durable finish and had to use KROIL to get the muzzle break off because it was rusted in place which both weren’t problems. Thank you for helping me make the choice at that time Rob, I am glad I saved my money and listened to your reviews.

  5. Bill Avatar

    I not only feel bad for the guys that spent their hard earned money, but also the Vets (he says) works for IO. Bad karma for Uli.

  6. Rithy Avatar

    Thank You, Rob, ak operator union for your integrity. As a machinest I work on airplane, so we get to see firsthand how things really work or not when it is put together. Blueprint is just like a Communist manifesto, it works great on paper.
    The product end user may not be an expert, but their experience with the product is what validate the products. A rifle must go bang 2000 rounds without serious issue for me to consider it a product that I can trust my life to. So Thank You Rob, for doing the 5000 rounds test.

  7. James Sumpter Avatar
    James Sumpter

    What is the rounds life in a Ak? I mean how many rounds can you put into an ak before issues. In most ar-15 I know it’s around 60,000 in some. So, what’s the life expectancy of an Ak. Like for example a Century arms c39v2.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      On average, stamped AK will go bang without damage to trunnion for around 100k rds

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