Palmetto State Armory AK47 – PSAK47 Gen 2: 1000rds later

Palmetto State Armory AK47 – PSAK47 Gen 2: 1000rds later!

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18 responses to “Palmetto State Armory AK47 – PSAK47 Gen 2: 1000rds later”

  1. Rob Avatar

    I am excited to see how the Palmeadow State Armory AR 15 and AK-47 do in the 5000 round test. Is there any chance in the future of doing a 5000 round test on the PSA ks-47,RRA lar-47, and CMMG mk-47? Thank you for your great tests/reviews.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I would like to put any of these you listed. We will see…

  2. Nunya Avatar

    But…you didn’t do the torture test first…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      5k rds test in first episode we don’t torture test. 2nd episode mayhem is unleashed…

  3. vorkosigan Avatar

    Watching this test with interest– and some trepidation. I was an early adopter– owning a gen 1 PSAK I assembled from a barreled receiver and PSA completion parts kit.Other than some minor assembly/fitting issues, went together fine and major assemblies(rivets, sight block, barrel pin) seem well made , My only worry is the (probably cast) front trunnion. Looking forward to the complete 5000 round test on this version of PSAK, hopefully will do better than the hapless I.O. product.

  4. Megaglide Avatar

    I had the problem with the brake not screwing on completely as well. On mine, it was because the muzzle brake plunger could not be depressed fully. The spring also did not extend the plunger fully, either, so it just kind of sat there loose in the hole with the slant brake on.
    PSA was characteristically unresponsive when I tried to speak with them about this. Maybe they will listen to you.

    1. J.B.LEW Avatar

      This is a problem that will irritate one persons ocd but reqlly have no effect over performance in any way, so even tho its not exactly a great excuse for no communication, it really would be sort of a waste of time with 1 person without a rifle, and the company paying for postage for something thats a non-issue.
      With the old mak90s when They neuteres and turned the threads off you could pretty simply re-thread the barrel and thats so.ething you can only do on an ak without having to worry about accuracy being messed up. My maadi was re-threaded and didnt gain or lose any accuracy, i have an npap w/hiperfire that times perfect, tight as a dolphins arse, and my zpap w/midwest brake has never completely tightened down and its an awesome shooting rifle. I understand it being slightly annoying, but their warranty claim might be written in a way where they cover stuff thats functionally wrong im not sure, but having said that, their emails are likely flooded with messages, imagine your junk spam box, now imagine how many customers they serve. As long as your brake tightens down most of the way for that detent to sit in the notch,its not going anywhere and you have a fully functional rifle. This isnt an sr/m4 style platform that requires muzzle device to sit completely flush and tightened down

  5. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    It’s nice to see USA manufacturers of ak 47s making the parts right here. I hope the American manufacturers are talking and getting a standard measurement figured out, so aftermarket manufactures of barrels, stocks, and other parts can produce custom parts that have a standard fit. If they have a standard measurement they will produce more creative and better quality products that will cost them less to produce, and will cost the shooter less. We all like to customize our guns. That’s the big reason the AR 15 is still going strong. The USA AK 47 manufacturers can take the AK platform to a new level. No disrespect intended to the foreign AK-47 manufacturers. They are all well respected by me. They are just hard to find at this time here in the USA.

  6. Alex Avatar

    Rob Ski,

    Great videos. I just received my PSAK47 and noticed the Trunnion marked with an ‘A’ instead of the star to indicate a Gen2 Billet, also does your Gen2 have the front sling loop?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, i do have front sling loop. Yours doesn’t?

      1. Alec Avatar

        Nope, does yours have the star and armorer’s letter marked on the rear trunnion?

        1. Rob Ski Avatar
          Rob Ski

          I must be blind but i don’t see any marks. Unless they are covered under the dirt. Where exactly yours is marked?

          1. Alex Avatar

            If you remove the rear recoil spring guide it should be right below. You will see a small cicular hole there and the stamps are engraved on that same peice of metal. There is actually a closeup pic of it on

  7. Casey Matt Avatar
    Casey Matt

    My Son has a PSAK 47 from PSA of course and between us we have run in excess of 5000 rounds through the gun. There have been 2 firing pin failures and after dealing with the factory supplied trigger a changeout was called for and a “lightening bow” ALG trigger assembly was dropped in lightening the trigger pull to just above 3lbs which greatly enhanced accuracy. Comparing the PSA AK to one of my milled SAM7 rifles from Arsenal shows that the PSA firearm costs about half as much for a reason… can simply tell that the PSA AK has had 5000 rounds through it by general “feel” as the gun just feels “worn”. A SAM7 with a similar round count is and “feels” as new. There is also, despite the whinings from the anti chrome lined barrel crowd, a far superior accuracy that comes with the Arsenal rifle over that of the thin stamped receiver PSA gun. The PSA AK does make for a GREAT “truck gun” and one feels a lot more comfortable dragging it through rough conditions than one does the rather pricey SAM7 but there is simply no doubt that a chrome lined AK with a milled receiver is far superior to a non chrome lined stamped receiver AK. As for comparing the PSA to ANY Century Arms product, well again there is a reason that PSA provides a lifetime warranty whereas the “good” folks at Century provides merely a single year warranty and now forces people to purchase THEIR scope mount to fit THEIR rail. I personally would not own another Century firearm other than perhaps one of the Canik handguns they offer. PSA has dreadful customer service but as dreadful as it is it is far superior to that provided by Century Arms. My overall advice would be to save your money until you can afford an Arsenal SAM7 AK or better yet save some more and buy the newish IWI Galil Ace…… my mind the finest “military style” firearm currently marketed that fires the 7.62X39 round. It is almost as simple and may be as reliable as a milled AK but is more accurate and comes with a LOT of extras and is of much more modern design than the aged AK design. Also IMHO just about any AK variant is superior to just about any AR variant for any other purpose than punching holes in paper off a bench.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      First Gen of PSAK47 was a disaster man…they re tooled everything for gen2.

    2. kurt spuhler Avatar

      casey there are a lot of higher grade models made of every firing rifle and handgun. but to find a ak that has melonite nitrate treated steel barrel,billet barrel block and bolt, 1 in 9.5 twist and high grade american hardwood under 1000.00 is great.the chineese, and russian models are made a lot cheaper and they shoot in all weather conditions.its a double hook trigger and thats why you have extra play, but it will fire for a lifetime.yes there are better grade rifles made but i dont want to spend 5000.00 and up for one, as does most people.i feel your 2 firing pin problems came from a unclean rifle.but if you fire 5000 rounds and only have 2 hiccups, i consider that fantastic.

  8. Billy Avatar

    I have a TDI arms lower handguard for my psak gen3. Did you have any fitment issues on yours? Looking like I will be doing some work on to get it to fit. Just looking for any advice. Thanks.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Yes, their front retainer is slightly different. So some fitting is required.

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