Arsenal SLR107 5000rds Later – This is the end! Giveaway too!!!

SLR107 5000rds Later – This is the end! Giveaway too!!!

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8 responses to “Arsenal SLR107 5000rds Later – This is the end! Giveaway too!!!”

  1. Art Encarnacion Avatar
    Art Encarnacion

    AK Operators Union is the only place to get “No BullShit” evaluation of the FINEST rifles!!!

  2. Johnny Avatar

    Well done. The few glitches you guys had aren’t even Concerning to myself. The paint has always been less than great since the 90’s. Not surprised about that. But for those that no longer have access to quality AK’s, have no reference for what quality is in the AK. Good job.

  3. Gibby Avatar

    Congratulation Thomas, enjoy!

  4. scottyb Avatar

    Feed Paul!

    1. Gibby Avatar

      Haha Scotty, I’m sure Paul is fine. Ask him to fire up his Twitter again Rob.

  5. KSB Avatar

    No free Arsenal for me :'( Still glad I supported as I could; the Fighter Brakes from the store are working great!
    The rifle survived just fine, as I thought, and the hammer looked pretty darn good for 5k rounds, considering some have had issues with overly-soft hammers of late.

    Enjoy the rifle, Thomas, and Rob, feed Paul! 😉

  6. Andrew Albin Avatar
    Andrew Albin

    What kind of picatinny handguard did you put on the slr? Will it fit on the new slr107 11?

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      That was zenit rail. They fit with small modification.

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