Inter Ordnance AK47, 3 RDS Later…

Inter Ordnance AK47, 3 RDS Later…You can’t make this up…

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9 responses to “Inter Ordnance AK47, 3 RDS Later…”

  1. Brian Avatar

    I had a similiar feed issue on a wasr and I took a dremel and smoothed the lip of the bore. Kinda made a little feed ramp. I never had anymore feed issues after that. Im sure it sped up throat errosion and loss of accuracy though. I feel bad for the I.O for some reason. I was hoping it wouldnt be this bad.

  2. Keith J Thibodeaux Avatar
    Keith J Thibodeaux

    Hello: Thanks for effort to inform us, much appreciated. I recently sent back m214 Tactical from IO. It shot 15″ to left or so with front sight drifted all the way to left. Quality supervisor would not consider what was wrong with rifle because front sight aligned with laser. Something hideously wrong with these rifles. QC supervisor seemed to not know ak platform nor care. I lost all my money, shameful with American company to do that. No one is perfect, the mounting evidence against IO is staggering, will they ever correct this? I can not in good conscience recommend this company’s products, do not learn as I did.

  3. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    This is why I love the AK operators union. Rob and Paul test guns and accessories two extreme limits, so we can make smart purchases. I’m a new AK shooter/owner, and I know from experience that you can throw a lot of good money at bad products regarding firearms and archery equipment. The scientific testing (LMAO) of AK 47s and accessories that Rob and Paul conduct, and destruct saves me Money, and time. I want to believe in the USA made ak 47s. My 1st AK is a C39v2 with zhukov furniture and the Fighter muzzel break. Got a DDI hammer forged milled receiver rifle that I’m customizing right now. (6 position stock, saberwerks Kop system, Zennit muzzel break, BMS mininmalist stock, magpull MOE forend for now) Purchased a Holosun 503 lastnight. I buy everything I can from the union store to help support these guys. Rob and Pauls scientific research will save you money. Support the AK Operators union. I’m a non compensated supporter. I hate it for the guy that had trouble with the IO AK. I’ve been that guy more than I care to remember. If we share information as a group we can make better decisions.

  4. codysal08 Avatar

    First Looked into IO for my first AK, glad I stayed away. Still searching the dried up market of a Definitive Arms AK. Thinking about going after a High Standard/Interarms. Anyone have any experience or input?

  5. Roger Avatar

    Hey Rob, just curious what you guys think of lee armory polish ak’s I know the dakm is probably a little better but I can’t get one. And just like bcm there from my state, thanks

    1. Sonic Avatar

      I just got a refund on a recently purchased lee armory polish ak. Believe it or not, among the issues was the EXACT same problem Rob encountered with the front sight. Not sure how widespread it is with their other rifles, but a rep from the company gave me the heads up to look out for this known issue; after I purchased and it was in route.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        Hmmm, interesting. So front post drum was drifting away?

  6. Toombstone10mm Avatar

    I couldn’t get one either. They have been closed to get caught up on orders, and for expansion of the business I think. They are suppose to open July the 11th. I got a DDI milled gun from Atlantic firearms a few weeks ago. I just purchased a DDI stamped polish gun from copper customers today. It’s got the front and rear milled trunions. The finish on my milled DDI is great and the action is smooth. The milled gun appears to be excellent. The accuracy is great to. Couldn’t pass up the stamped DDI polish gun with the good trunions. I need to stay out of on line gun shops lol.

  7. Roger Avatar

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