The California Assault Weapons Ban – 2nd Amendment Rape!

The California Assault Weapons Ban – 2nd Amendment Rape!

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3 responses to “The California Assault Weapons Ban – 2nd Amendment Rape!”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Keep up the fight. We have almost lost it in Europe, there are talks of banning all the semi-automatic rifles because of the terrorist attacks. Why? I don’t understand this, terrorists are not using those, they get their weapons and explosives anyway like you Rob also pointed out. Besides people get killed by weapons anyway even if all firearms are banned, look at UK.Amount of stabbings exploded after their handgun ban.And still this one MP there just got killed by someone with a gun.How, if those are banned? She also got stabbed, so should kitchen knives also be banned?

    Luckily there is still some freedom left in U.S. so here I can still have my AR and my AKs. I can’t carry my 9mm or my 40 concealed because I’m not a citizen, but I always have at least one of those in my car,condition 1, that is legal for me here. If SHTF by someone, I’m not going down without a fight. In Europe it is totally different thing, I can’t have my 9mm in my car, loaded and ready, I will loose all my gun permits there if I do that. You guys here in U.S. still have rights, keep fighting for them.

  2. Paul Avatar

    The cali 2nd admendment rape is part of the UN arms trade treaty, just like the new york weapon buy back Program, according to the UN council on disarmament commitee this is a global ban on weapons for every citizen, why would the UN want to implement such a outrageous scheme, the UN are in 135 nations as of now, hitler did the same thing disarm the citizen first to reduce resistance, dont forget obama allowed un troops here in the usa some of us have Personally seen white armored un trucks being transported, the UN gun trade treaty describes exactly what will be implemented, thankfully the senate blocked this from becoming law here in the usa, but it seems obama and the UN will Quietly slip in these Protocol’s..

  3. Paul Avatar

    Article 2 of the treaty clearly states the Prohibition of the right to own, buy, or sell or trade weapons of armed resistance, article 3 clearly states that all ammunition for such weapons, fired or launched is covered under article 2, but the worst for americans is article 5, register weapons also states the Quantity the make/model, also the end user which means owner’s name and info..

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