Shooting Drill: 25/50/100 and 200yds

Shooting Drill: 25/50/100 and 200yds
Practice 3 shooting positions, reload, add some body stress to your target practice and improve cardio!
Iron Sights Power!
(But it could be run with optic too).

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4 responses to “Shooting Drill: 25/50/100 and 200yds”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Thanks for the video. Again.To be honest, nowadays I would probably die after the first five pushups…At least puke my guts out…This video sort of reminds me of my military duty back in the day. We were thought that since our army is so poor, we will never throw away the empty mags…(at that time we still used the steel AK mags that for some reason now plenty of people want to have in U.S.A. I hate those, have seen enough of them and prefer lighter and better polymer ones)Also one thing I was always sort of annoyed was that after we made a bicycle or foot march to the gun range (some 15 klicks or around 10 miles for you guys in U.S…civilians at least..) we always had some rest and food etc before going to the range. Why? My ideal exercise would have been to complete that march with full gear, RUN to the range and start blasting away. Exhausted, hungry and pissed off.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      When i was in infantry basic training, we did ruck marches (or rather runs with rucks) and then shooting competition. It was awesome “smoker” and i honestly think that this was very good training. Training like this is really good in my eyes. Yes, it sucks to haul the load on your back and then go straight into the range, but it puts things into the perspective. If i would have huge land, i would design and organize really kick ass training…but i can only dream about it…lol

  2. Derek Avatar

    Great video Rob. how close do you dare to shoot those targets? I just got a Steel Ops and was shooting it at 100 and 200 yards but would like to do some fast stuff up close.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      I shoot them from even 10yds, but because of safety reasons, you should never shoot steel below 100yds distance.

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