I bought an IO AK!

Sorry guys, i don’t know who deserves credit for this meme…lol!
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12 responses to “I bought an IO AK!”

  1. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Well I don’t even know what the heck a “meme” is, but have you tested one of the “new” io AKs? I don’t own one, but just curious if the reputation that company gained is wellfounded or not..I think with every AK (or every gun actually) there is always someone, somewhere who has encountered a problem. I heard bad rap of some of the guns that I or some of my friends have owned, still those examples we have/had have worked flawlessly(granted, my guns usually don’t go through AKOU type torture tests..Rob, I think you need to invite me to your shooting grounds to abuse my guns like you do!)

    As an example, one of the guns I own in USA is RAS47. Maybe not the greatest AK and some people have had problems. So far I have been happy with it. If I have some issues with it, I have no problem telling people that something happened. Then again, I’m not throwing the damn thing away just because someone had problems. I shoot it, I enjoy it and if problems occur, I either fix them or throw that thing into the swamp.I’m pretty damn far from being a rich guy, but I don’t have any regrets of throwing away a gun I paid originally $650 if it totally breaks. F*ck it, get rid of it, buy better one and move on.If I had fun with it, why the heck should I regret buying it. It’s an AK, use it, abuse it and if it totally breaks, replace it.

    1. brian Avatar

      We complain about substandard products by not purchasing them. Then the companies that want to continue to operate will change. Because of blogs like this one we are able to work as a collective group to affect change. Look what psa and kalash concern have done. I assure you they would have continued using cheaper cast parts if not for the blog bashing they took.

      1. Rob Ski Avatar
        Rob Ski

        Agreed in 100%. If we will take it from rear and keep mouth closed, nobody will care about higher standards. Only if we will revolt and keep jabbing about it, it will bring their attention.

  2. Zach Avatar

    Hey Rob! i’m about to buy my first AK variant rifle, i want to get a DAKM4150N as per your videos. Unfortunately they seem to do limited runs on Atlantic. How could i increase my chances to get one for the next run before they sell out again? Thanks for all you do.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Talk to AF. I know that AF will have new batch coming in soon!

  3. Danno Avatar

    I almost bought an io and Robski talked me out of it.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      You welcome! 🙂

  4. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    So are those still that bad? They have been in FL now for what, couple of years, and still lacking quality? Not that I’m shopping for one, just curious.

  5. Ed G Avatar
    Ed G

    I bought an IO (new to AKs) couldn’t even fire 1 mag though it without FTE.When warming up, Wolf ammo gets stuck in chamber and won’t come up for anything. Pays for research. Thanks guys for the great site. I should have started here first.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Sorry to hear man…just get rid of it and get some legit rifle…

  6. tim Avatar

    check out the new Guns&Ammo mag ! they trying to talk up the I.O. pos ak

  7. Larry Miller Avatar
    Larry Miller

    I unfortunately bought a IO 247T before learning it was shit.
    I didn’t get replies from IO when I complained.
    Now they aren’t even making AKM rifles.
    So I bought a Bulgarian recoil system and bolt carrier. I worked the gun has not had a failure since.

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