Just Shoot It! Enjoy your AK first!

Just Shoot It! Enjoy your AK first before spending any unnecessary money!

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7 responses to “Just Shoot It! Enjoy your AK first!”

  1. brian Avatar

    Like many guys my first ak was a wasr from 2006. Since then Ive run the full circle and owned most of them. I have a giant plastic tub filled with grips and mounts and rails of every manufacture. And still my favorite rifle is the wasr. The smell of the oil in the wood and cosmoline burning when it heats up can never be replicated. Thank you guys for putting a spot light on this awesome rifle.

  2. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Funny how this thing is so familiar for me..I have used back in the day in military our version of AK, so no wood furniture, steel tube stock etc. And my personal rifle in my home country is the civilian version of our military AK-variant. I have owned in early 90s a Norinco AK with wood furniture. What a piece of crap. After first rounds everything on that rifle was loose and action was…well..crappy..Stock and forend almost fell off after first 500 rounds.I got rid of that POS, traded it and paid four times more for my Sako AK-variant and that was the best thing I could have ever done with that Norinco.I did buy ridiculously expensive Brugger Thomet rail system for that Sako to install reflex sight (my eye sight is getting f*cked up, really hard to see the iron sights anymore) and just love the damn thing.In my point of view, that Sako is the best AK-variant ever made.

    Now, in USA, I bought RAS47 and OPAP, both of course with wood furniture. I sort of liked the OPAP from the beginning but thought that I would chance to rails etc on RAS47 right away. Still decided to take that RAS47 out to the range and you know what, I started to like the wood furniture on that thing. Not going to chance it(and if I ever have problems with the cast shit on that thing I just throw the damn thing away and buy new one), I will buy more AKs in the future and then I might go with new PAS, DDi,DAKM etc and I will have some railsystems on those, especially since I bought Magpul AFG for my Sako and that thing is awesome.I want that on one of my USA AKs at some point.

    Like Rob said, go and shoot the damn thing! It’s an AK, that.s what you are supposed to do with those. I own an AR also and guess which one stays usually in my gun safe when I head out to the range, AK or AR…Just as a hint, it’s the plastic toy that shoots varmint rounds that stays behind…

  3. Kurwa mac Avatar
    Kurwa mac

    Damn, tried to edit my post before sending but screwed up…Anyways, the point was that when I buy that new AK, what ever the make is, PSA, DDI etc I will go and shoot it first. I KNOW that I want rails, reflex sights etc on one of my AKs but still I want to feel that gun first. Maybe it’s going to be that RAS47 feel again and I leave it stock, then I have to buy another AK…And another…Even though I have hard time with the iron sights, I still like the simplicity of those, I really am not a big fan of red dots, reflex sights etc but not getting any younger…

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Awesome feedback!

      1. Kurwa mac Avatar
        Kurwa mac

        Rob, it really kills me seeing these videos where you are shooting AKs when I’m south of the border working and can’t have access to my AKs that are about 5hr flight and 3hr drive away… Still, keep them coming…By the way, one security guard at the local bank had a Galil AK ! Maybe if I slip some pesos to him he might let me try it….Nah, probably not going to happen..

  4. Ethan Avatar

    I have owned a couple of of AKs that just didn’t measure up; instead of moving on from those rifles, I threw more money and gadgets on them in an attempt to fix them. Upgrades can improve a problem-rifle’s performance but it doesn’t necessarily solve the issues. While I learned a heck of a lot about my rifles in the process, Rob’s advice to “Just shoot it!” would have saved me money and time.

    So for goodness sake: “JUST SHOOT IT!”

  5. Lew Avatar

    Buy an Arsenal SAM7r and ANY type of mag(s) you want. Some CLP and patches. Whatever money is left over for ANY brand of ammo. Shoot. Nothing else will be needed.

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