Zastava PAP M90NP Shootout Test

Zastava PAP M90NP: 300yds, 200yds and 100yds Shootout Test. Is this Serbian beast really worth the buzz? Watch video to see how this Zastava shoots.

YouTube video

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3 responses to “Zastava PAP M90NP Shootout Test”

  1. Ethan Avatar

    Really wish this rifle had been on the market when I tried out an AR in 5.56! I like the little varmint round but the ergonomics of the rifle just did not mesh with me.

    Did you guys notice any play or give in that magazine-well? It looks like it is made of polymer.

  2. John Strandberg Avatar
    John Strandberg

    Hey Rob,

    Have you put any more rounds through this gun? I am wondering how that mag well is holding up?

    1. John Strandberg Avatar
      John Strandberg

      Ignore this, just saw your post that it is still working well. Now, with that gas regulator, can you mount a Ultamak rail on this or not? If not, can you put something like the Zenit short upper and lower on it so you can mount optics?

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