M10x from M+M – Shootout Test!

Cows Attack!
Is Goat Rescue Squad Team 6 in mortal danger?
M10x from M+M INC shootout test!
Why it malfunctioned?
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2 responses to “M10x from M+M – Shootout Test!”

  1. BearDogChili Avatar

    I’m a bit late, post is a few years old, but thanks for that, I’ve been covetously eyeinโ€™ up this interesting rifle since M+M started touting it during the development & pre-release phases. The price point after release has held me off for awhile but looks like since they made a few changes and added the Zhukov folder (and got rid of the Chicom sights) the price has actually gone down a bit, if you can find one in stock. Hope M+M has plans to continue development of this line, would be a shame to drop it. A few places still have em floatin around. I’ve got my eye on one, we’ll see if Trouble-&-Strife (the little wife) will let me get away with finally pullin the trigger on this one. I noticed they’ve done some work towards paring the weight down as well, quite a bit. These newer offerings are a pound & a-half lighter than the original, that’s great. Bit more reason to fly that flash hider and put a good quality comp/brake combo device on top as well. I’ve had their Romanian M10-7.62 offering for years and have found it to be very reliable and pretty damn accurate, have appreciated a number of things about it not least of which the good job they did on the mag-well and the custom mag release offered as a diy add on. Not so much on the muzzle device. This rifle of course is a whole different beast. Can’t wait to get my grubby phalanges on one. Thanks for all the work you guys do towards sharing information & spreading the knowledge you gain from experience, it’s much appreciated. I’m pretty quiet online but I’ve learned a lot over the years from lurking around and absorbing all the useful info you guys put out (Robert Kayโ€™s prolific work to, he’s done a lot to move the ball forward on the AK platform in the US). Thank you for your service as well, and for promoting & maintaining great camaraderie across borders.
    Bardzo Dziฤ™kujฤ™!
    Sean (Hawaii)

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi Sean, thanks for being with us!

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